What S Going On With My Body

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Jennifer - September 10

I'm 19 weeks pregnant - due for my level 2 sonogram next week. Last night, while running around town with my husband I started to get really bad cramps in the right center area of my stomach. We rushed home and I vomited right away (this is the first time I've had cramps while being pregnant and the first time I've violently vomited). I had popcorn shirmp for dinner - and I just had the same thing last week and was fine. Even after the vomiting the pains persisted, any position was an uncomfortable one. So we called our emergency line to the clinic I've been going to - she asked basic questions and told me to get something to settle my stomach, try and use the bathroom and use a heating pad for five minutes at a time (but not to overheat the baby) - I tried all of the above and nothing gave. The cramping became more servere and turned into sharp pains. Two hours later, it calmed down and I was able to lay at rest for about an hour - got back up and vomited once more - after that though I felt a whole lot better. When I woke in the morning though I had this soreness in the area of my stomach that was hurting all last night - it still hurts - especially to walk - but its tolerable. It almost feels bruised inside - could it be from the hurling over ...you know how when your stomach hurts, you tend to bend over, holding it in..... I'm concerned - should I inform my doctor before my sonogram...or will the sonogram let me know what's going on?


Tru - September 10

I would inform your doctor if you are still having the pain. It could have been that what you ate did not agree with you right then. I get bad pains in my stomach every so often at 19 weeks and I was also concerned so I asked the doctor and they told me that around the time frame is when the baby really starts to grow and is push your uterus out to make more room for him and if I rubbed it for a little while it would lessen. I am sure that you are fine, but if you have not told your doctor I would let them know for sure.



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