What Size Should The Going Home Outfit Be

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lily10 - March 7

I found an adorable blue floral dress, with a matching bonnet, sweater, socks and onesie it's by Carters. I think I am going to purchase this for the going home outfit, however I don't know if I should buy it in newborn or 0-3 months. Has anyone purchased there LO's going home outfit and if so what size?? Thanks!!


suze42 - March 7

I found that 0-3mos was big for my nb and he was 7'14, so he wasnt small. I think Im going to get a NB size. Heres my advice, make the outfit very simple. The first few days w/baby is kinda nervewracking, and dressing (and undressing, she will poop and pee once dressed!) a crying newborn in numerous layers/items can cause you and baby more stress. I suggest a cute one piece sleeper/romper type outfit.


kvilendrer - March 7

My son was born right on his due date, and he was 7lb.9oz. He actually could only wear preemie clothes for the first couple of weeks. So I would bring a preemie outfit if I were you, just in case.


jodie - March 7

I would deffinately go for newborn size. My ds was 7lb 2oz. about average I guess, but they are not very filled out so they look like they are swimming in anything bigger. He came home in a long sleeved onsie with cute striped pants and a striped hat. We bought it at baby gap. They have got nice simple basic newborn outfits. This time we are having a girl and I don't even know what to have her come home in yet. I have bought soooo many clothes she will probably have to put on a fashion show before I decide...lol. After we got home with ds he basically wore the gowns and sleepers for the most part in the begining.


suze42 - March 7

but buyer beware!! The little buggers fill out fast..so dont buy too many NB clothes, cause unles they are born premie, they will be out of the NB w/in weeks.!! Gosh they are sweet!


TamaraAngel - March 8

Good question! I want to wash a few outfits in Dreft and pack our hospital bag but i'm worried about the sizes too. Mostly all the outfits i have are 0 - 3 months. The outfit i bought for the hospital pic is a dress shirt, tie, and navy shorts... in size 0 - 3 months. It says that it fits a baby 6.5 lbs - 12 lbs. Do you think these will be too big??


suze42 - March 8

omg tamara, thats hilarious...he's gonna look like a little man!!! Its so hard to say b/c you dont know how big he will be born!! 0-3 was a bit big on my 7'14 DS...... even if its a little big its still cute.


sahmof3 - March 8

0-3 fit my oldest for about 2 weeks... until he started to stretch out. He was 9 lbs. 5 oz. and 21". My dd was in 0-3 for awhile longer... like until about 2 months, I think. She was 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 1/2". My youngest I knew was going to be big... I could just tell... he was 10lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4" and he never kept his legs curled up like most newborns, so I had to bring him home in 3-6 month clothes lol.


aliciavr6 - March 8

I was just going to take a few onesies... Should I take something nicer like a little dress or other outfit?


suze42 - March 8

alicia, some people go all out and dress up the babies...I just brought a sleeper for mine. Its totally up to you. I even went thru the nursery online pics to see what most people did...and alot of the babies were in sleepers...They're gonna look adorable in whatever you put them in..just make sure they are dressed for the weather...and to cover their newborn skin from the sun.


lily10 - March 10

The dress that I like is just a soft cotton sun dress by Carters. It really is nothing fancy just pretty, cute and comfy. I have been thinking that perhaps I should just bring her home in a cute little sleeper. They actually have the same blue floral design in a footed sleeper and I have to admit it seems much more practical. Although the dress is just a sun dress with bloomers.


lily10 - March 10

Oh, and I meant to say thanks for everyone's input!!



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