What To Ask At Your First Hospital Visit

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dee - February 8

i have my first hospital appointment on the 27th of feb (same day i hopefully find out bubs gender), and just wanted to be prepared with heaps of questions. i know there will be heaps i will want to ask but will not remember until after the visit, so before i write a bunch down, just thought id ask for alittle extra help! cheers girls :)


Nita - February 8

dee, when you say first hospital appt, is this your first trimester? how many weeks are you right now? You may not be able to find out the gender so early. For my first appt at 9weeks, there was a bunch of paperwork to be filled out. We asked questions about the QUAD test(which tests for genetic problems with the baby etc). We also were given a packet of brochures & magazines(which I thought were very helpful). And I started to have morning sickness(all day sickness actually!), so talked about different things I could try. Good luck with your appt!


dee - February 9

hi Nita, thx for your reply. im 17 weeks at the moment. im not too sure how it works everywhere else, but im from melbourne australia, and our doctors and hospitals are 2 seperate places that dont communicate with each other. ive had pre natal check ups with my doctor and made the appointment to book my hospital stay. i think the point of the hospital appointment is to have a look at the birth ward and to set a date for when u are likely going to give birth there, and then ask any questions u might have......i have a few questions so far. like how much will an epidural cost (we dont deal with insurance here), or can i possibly have a post partum room that is private and not shared with 3 other post partum mothers. i know that there are heaps of questions to ask the hospital where u give birth but i just dont know what! oh and the ultrasound place is another completely different place to the hospital and dorctors. i made an appointment there to fid out the s_x in a few weeks, i cant wait!


Oh My! - February 9

Thats crazy that everything isnt all in one....oh well...Anyways, Congrats! What are you hoping for gender wise? I'm having a boy! I'm 24 weeks.


dee23 - February 10

hi 'oh my!'. i would love one of each, boy then girl. ive read that you guys can go to the doctors that r at your hospital and have an ultrasound too! well i wish it were that easy here.....congrats on your little boy! is he your first? have u picked a name for him yet? i cant wait to find out the gender, although we have to keep it secret from my big family who dont want to know....tis going to be really hard. thats providing that the little one cooperats. did you have a hard time at the ultrasound finding out the gender of your db?


krc - February 10

im 15 weeks and going to my 1st appointment next friday. I asked if I will get an ultrasound since I am already so far along and they told me I still have to wait till my 2nd appointment cuz I need to see the midwife 1st. I am disappointed cuz i wanted to see the baby and possibly find out the gender but I figure by the time I have my 2nd appointment my baby will be bigger so the chances of gender are higher I suppose.


Emily - February 10

for hospital questions, ask about birthing rooms and if one labor in one room then move to another for delivery and tehn amybe even another for recovery and tehn to another for your stay. THat is the way it is in some hospitals. for mine labor, delivery, recovery is one room and then they have other rooms for your extended stay after the birth. (which is mostly two days after delivery in the states.) Also ask about polcies on visitors, medications, natural birth, pain relief, what happens if your doc isn't available or if you need a c-section and so on. I have one dd and am 21 weeks preg w/ another girl. So excited. good luck to you!


Ashley - February 10

yes, I agree with Emily. She is very wise. Ask her anytihing.


Nita - February 10

Dee, I'm in the states, so didn't realize all the different things in australia. I haven't been to the hospital over here but have registered for some childbirth cla__ses (which start in Apr end, May). I'm due end of june. I learnt that as part of the childbirth cla__s, they take us around the hospital, show the rooms etc. This is my 1st, so am sure I have a lot to learn/know about. So far I've been visiting my midwives. The office I go to has 3 dr's and 3 midwives and I chose to go with the midwives as I felt more comfortable. If there is difficulty in the pregnancy, the doctor will be called. The good thing about the office I chose is, I get to meet all the 3 midwives, and so on the day of my baby birth, whoever is on call would come to the hospital and I & they would have been already familiar with me. And also, I've gotten my ultrasounds done at the same office as well. So far got 3 done, the last one being the gender one at 20weeks, and we are having a girl. Very exciting! :) Good luck with your appt!


Wendy - February 23

I am also planning on going to visit the hospital where I will give birth at soon, and would like to know some more questions to ask when I'm there to help me know they are the right place for me and so that I can be as prepared as possible when the time comes, anyone given birth and wished they's asked about something before they gave birth?



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