What To Buy For Baby

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redemptive_angel - April 7

I am a first time mom, and I have no idea what to expect. I was wondering if there is a list I can get of what to buy for your baby... like how many bottles I should get and how many outfits/clothes/sheets/ect.


marie - April 7

Hi! Go to www.babiesrus.com they have a new parent's list of what to register for and how many. Click on baby registry when you get to the site, and the link will be somewhere down the page. Target's baby registry also has a guide for new parents. I hope this helps.


BabyGirl - April 7

[X] Ba__sanet [X] Bottles [X] Baby Clothes [X] Baby Carrier [X] Receiving Blankets [X] Diapers [X] Diaper Bag [X] Diaper Rash Cream [X] Vasline [X] Gripe Water [X] Breast Feeding Pillow [X] Bootties and Hats [X] Baby Blankets [X] Rattles & Toys [X] Baby Swing [X] Jolly Jumper [X] Baby Bouncing Chair [X] Rocking Chair [X] Baby Soap [X] Baby Shampoo [X] Baby Wash Clothes [X] Baby House Coat [X] Baby Towels [X] Baby Tape & CD Lulabye [X] Baby Thermometer [X] Baby Nail Clippers [X] Baby Powder & Lotion [X] Nasal Aspirator Bulb [X] Baby Q-Tips [X] A Medicine Dropper [X] Baby Monitor [X] Diaper Genine [X] Baby Bath Tub [X] Nursing Bras [X] Breast Feeding Cream [X] Activity Center ( baby saucer) [X] Play Pen [X] Rain Sheild For Stroller [X] Head Support For Car Seat [X] Baby Brush and Comb [X] Changing Pads [X]Saline Nosedrops [X]Bibs [X]Pacifiers [X]Baby Book [X]Stroller


BabyGirl - April 7

^^^^ Hope that helps a little bit. :)


Chrissythefairy - April 7

also if you plan on getting a babyshower dont go overboard and buy to many things on your own, leave some for your friends and family to get for you : )


Been There - April 7

BabyGirl's list looks comprehensive. But do yourself the favor and narrow it down to the very basics, starting with the things you will absolutely need first. Some things are nice to have, but not necessary. For instance, if you will have the crib in your room for a while, then you can forego the ba__sinet which it only takes a couple of months to outgrow. You could however, opt for a playard that has the ba__sinett attachment and is larger than a ba__sinett. Then you've covered to things with one purchase. Talk to some people you know and ask them about what they used or didn't use. It may help you narro the list. For instance, baby medicine comes with medicine droppers, so you don't need to buy a separate one. Don't get too many bottles or nipples until you're sure the baby does well with them. Don't get too many pacifiers because the baby may love the one from the hospital and then you'll need to buy those. Hope this helps.


Tanya2 - April 7

Every baby is different, for my first one I went overboard and bought everything, one thing i found wasn't neccessary till later months were baby bottles and the sterilizer because I ended up b___stfeeding. But again, some women don't because their babies don't latch on but don't go buying 6 bottles now because you may or may not use them. One good thing i reccomend is the bouncer chair and Diaper Decor Plus for disposing the diapers, it is way better than the Diaper Genie. Sleepers are good to get but they outgrow them so fast so buy them for different ages, a couple of newborn, couple of 3 months, 6 months. You will be amazed at how quickly they outgrow them. Stroller is a must to get but you probably won't be using it much during the first month or so. Hope this helps.


SLP - April 7

This is a very helpful thread! I am 14 weeks and I'm torn between buying some things as I go so that I don't have to spend a ton at once, or waiting to see what I get at my showers and then going from there.



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