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Tiff - November 30

Hi gals! I am going for my 20 weeks scan tomorrow to find out baby's s_x..and I was wondering if it is true that orange juice makes baby move around? I thought if he/she is active, we would have a better shot of finding out...or do you know of anything else that works to make baby move alot??


to Tiff - November 30

The ultrasonographer at the level 2 asked if I'd eaten a bunch of chocolate before the u/s. I hadn't, but I did have a few spoonfuls of yogurt along with the 4 cups of water. Who knows if that's what made baby so squirmy, but we were able to see little boy parts clear as day.


Tiff - November 30

Thank you...I love yogurt...so maybe I'll have some, and some chocolate, orange juice and water! haha, lol!


anita - November 30

try sunny d and sweet candy. it worked for me! good luck.


anita - November 30

sorry, by sweet candy i mean sweedish fish, twizzlers, nerds etc.


mama-beans - November 30

The orange soda is just to get sugar in your system..which also affects the baby! Be careful though.. we paid to go in for 3 ultrasounds because our daughter was just SO squirmy we couldn't get a clear shot! I'm not going to eat ANY sugar that day this time around.. I want that wee one to hold still so we can get a good clear picture! If we need him/her to move, they have this vibraty thing they can put on your belly that kind of wakes baby up and gets them to move.


Natalie - December 1

my baby wriggles more when my bladder is full and then i have just emptied it. its like that feeling of, look at how much space i have!!!!!!! and then she wriggles alot


Drew - December 1

I just went yesterday for my gender u/s and my baby was soooo busy we couldn't see what s_x it was! I hadn't had any sort of sugar or anything, but it was early in the morning (8am) and I think that little one was jut really annoyed by me drinking all that cold water so early!


bean - December 1

I had a gla__s of oj at home before my u/s and another while sitting in the car at the dct's. The tech asked if I had had 4 cups of coffee (which I don't drink) because my little one was so active! She was able to measure everything though, and we were able to find out it's a girl! Good luck and enjoy the u/s!


Kitty - December 1

Hi Tiff! I think you should probably drink a little something to get baby moving, but not too much!



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