What U Give Your D H For Valentines

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luckymenm23 - February 8

Ladies what do you do or give your d/h for valentines day???????? Any suggestions?


jennifer_33106 - February 8

haha I felt the need to reply to this. haha I am 38 weeks pregnant and since I was 36 we havent had s_x because my doctor told me we needed to wait til after the baby is born. Because of the fact that we cant have s_x for almost or more then 2 months I got him a subcription to Playboy magazine. hahaha It may not be the most "romantic" gift but it is something I know he will appriciate. Do I get points for creativity?


ma1008 - February 8

lol, jennifer, you do get points for creativity, definitely not something i would do but it is creative. i always have a hard time deciding what to give him, but i think this year i will make a nice candlelight dinner and well we shall see what happens afterward.


tish212 - February 8

my dh is so easy to shop for he tells me what he wants usually an accessory for his motorcycle...and he will pick it up and everything...lol makes things easier for me...or he will write a page number on the front of a catolog and circle the product on the page so I can order it so sorry I couldn't help lol....good one jenn I'm sure shon will appreciate that!


jennifer_33106 - February 8

hahah YES! I did tell him about it cuz i didnt want him to start getting it and wondering why. haha ma1008 I like the idea of a nice quiet candle light dinner. Men are incredibly hard to shop for. They are seriously the complicatied ones. haha All you have to do for us girls is buy us chocolate and tell us we look good. haha we are simple. Tish haha He makes it easy. Shon is your typical guy who likes the female body so that wasnt that hard. It sorta started off as a joke in between me and a friend then I started thinking it was a good idea. haha Well he is really looking forward to it.


fefer1 - February 8

funny Jennifer...I'm 24 weeks so not tooo big yet for fun. :) I booked a room at the Grand Hyatt downtown and a dinner at this place called the CanCan...they have a show while you eat. He doesn't know about it either. We have very little time to ourselves with a 17 month daughter .... so a night ALONE ... well, that is the perfect gift. :) haha..


tish212 - February 9

wow props fefer! that's awesome! I'm sure ur man is gonna love that...and I'm sure u will too!


fefer1 - February 10

yeah, he'll love it. Too bad I fell down last night and pulled some muscles in the pelvic/groin area! Almost had to go to the ER because I couldn't walk. What a bummer that would be if we couldn't go celebrate! :)


Cat24 - February 11

i don't think playboy would be a subst_tute for the real thing though jennifer. can't you be affectionate in other ways if you can't have proper s_x. he might end up getting hooked on dirty mags!- not a nice thought! i think something romantic is better.


softbreeze200 - February 11

Cat- I don't know that it is your place to post an opinion on someone elses decisions regarding their relationship. Please be a little more cautious before leaving feedback that may offend people. I think all your ideas are great ladies!! Have a great Valentines day with your loved one!! :)


gabby509 - February 11

I agree softbreeze. Cat, not to be rude or anything but it seems like some of your responses, not only on this topic but on a few others, have been a bit judgemental. Maybe you should think about how you say things and whether or not they will offend anyone. Jennifer, I think it's a great idea. I've been less than "in the mood" for this entire pregnancy, and I think my fiance would also appreciate a gift like that. I'm not a romantic person, so that aspect of the holiday is somewhat out of my reach. And I don't beleive he will become some p___no freak because he has a years subscription to Playboy magazine, at least those girls are somewhat tasteful.


fefer1 - February 11

while I wouldn't personally get my dh playboy, I think it's a creative/humorous idea that my hubby would find amusing. To each their own...we're just sharing our ideas, not our personal beliefs/values. :)


jennifer_33106 - February 11

CAT Why do you follow me around and post c___p like that to me? I am starting to think your a stalker. Anyways, I am confident in my s_xuality as well as my body. I have faith in my husband and in our relationship. We have a strong bond. Also I am realistic and just as I notice other mens bodies he notices other womens. We have complete faith in one another. Sorry you dont have that kind of relationship with your husband. Its really too bad. Must suck to see someone else with it. I hate being a b___h honestly I do. You seem to enjoy it quite throughly though. If you have relationship problems, not my fault. Anyways Softbreeze and gabby thanks. I appriciate it.


krissy2006 - February 11

Cat24, it just shows that Jennifer is secure in her relationship with her husband and trusts him enough to go and do something like that. As some of the other ladies have said, I personally wouldn't do it either but then I am highly insecure (yes I'll admit it) and don't like the idea of my husband looking at other women. However, you must be pretty ignorant if you think your husband doesnt look at them anyway (real ones, not in a magazine) so if Playboy (which is a pretty clean "gentlemen's mag) is how she wants to celebrate Valentines day for her hubby, who are you to tell her he should be getting something "more romantic". Sorry, I didn't mean to bust in on this thread but I found that comment completely disrespectful and truly idealistic. Come back to reality.


jennifer_33106 - February 11

and you too fefer. :D Good luck everyone and I hope you can find that perfect gift for him.


boodahbaby - February 11

Wow, I have seen many people responding to CAT's remarks. I wont get involved in any of it, but just to say that an opinion is an opinion, but to say that a "romantic" gift would be better! That is to say that romantic means the same to everyone! My idea of romantic is anything my husband does that makes me realize that he was truly thinking of me and my feelings! Whether it be a small gesture of rubbing my belly when im standing at the stove or changing my oil on my car and leaving the receipt on the seat with a heart on it! I got my husband playboy years ago... mainly bc he was always reading it at my parents house... it really does have good articles :) and he is not addicted to p___n sites or has it affected our s_x life! Anyways, I am having a hard time thinking of a valentine gift for my husband too... He is very practical, so its difficult. And his hobbies are expensive so we stay away from those for this Halmark holiday! Last year I got him a VERY nice pillow, laid it on the bed with chocolate and a card! He was so happy with that pillow! and the way I did it was sweet for him! So if anybody has any ideas let us know... maybe I can steal one of yours??? thanks and have a great day!!! Anyways, I am having a ha


disko love - February 11

geez.... Cat you really need to get a life and stop judging people. who are you to say what is 'romantic' or not? obviously she is in a fabulous relationship... one that is built on trust and love and i think it's great that jennifer decided to get her dh playboy... there is nothing wrong with the magazine... in all fairness it's rather beautiful and tastefully done. so you go girl.... have a happy valentines day jennifer!!! and Cat... if you don't have anything nice to say don''t say anything at all!!!



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