What Week Starts Off Your Fourth Month

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iHeArTcHrIs - November 3

what week starts off your fourth month of pregnancy??


iemc19 - November 3

I think it starts about week 14 - maybe part way through week 13...Maybe??


MichelleB - November 3

I just count backwards from my due date. I am 15 weeks today, but only turned 3 months on Oct 27. Its less confusing to everyone. So if you are due April 27 (like me), counting back 6 months is Oct 27, making me 3 months.


Carrielad - November 3

Michelle, I'm not sure if that's right, though. There are 10 months in pregnancy and the way my doc explained it when you are 16 weeks (or 4 months) you are beginning your 5th month. It's like on my birthday I'll turn 32, but I'll be in my 33rd year. Do you know what I mean?


Sonrisa - November 3

Some books say week 13.


DDT - November 3

This website will explain it: http://www.birthingnaturally.net/pregnant/mbm/mbm.html


DDT - November 3

no dashes


Tammy276 - November 3

figure 4 weeks/month...so 1-4=1, 5-8=2, 9-12=3, 13-16=4...so week 13 starts your 4th moth and week 16 ends it. Pregnancy is acutally considered 10 lunar months equalling 40 weeks, 4 weeks per month.


iHeArTcHrIs - November 4

wow. ill be 15 weeks on monday. so that means im already in my fourth month? i was thinking that i just started my third month. i was way off. lol thanks a lot you guys. what would 27 weeks be??


Tammy276 - November 4

count 4 weeks/month/10months= 40 weeks...so, I'll break down the whole pregnancy for you.....1-4= 1, 5-8= 2, 9-12= 3,13-16= 4, 17-20= 5, 21-24= 6, 25-28=7, 29-32=8, 33-36= 9, 37-40= 10 so at 15 weeks pregnant, you are in your 4th month, but you are considered to be 3.5 months pregnant...your are not a full 4 months until week 16. LIke I am 19w, so I am almost at the end of my 5th month, so right now, I would tell people that I am 4.5 months pregnant, I will be 5 months pregnant next week.... Get it?


iemc19 - November 4

But a month doesn't have 28 days in it Tammy...There are generally 30 /31 ...so a full month takes you just over 4 weeks so each month of pregnancy is just over the 4 weeks - ..You're one month preg at just over 4 weeks...2 months at 8.5, 3 months at 13 weeks...and I've just confused myself!!!! HahaThats how my m/wife has explained it to me...And its less of a long haul too - Can you imagein thinking you were 10 months pregnant???Its fun to start but come the end you just want it to be done....


DDT - November 4

Because we add two weeks into our pregnancy when we go my lmp we have to fit those two extra weeks somewhere. If you look at the website I sent earlier you can see that they add these two week into the last month. If we counted by gestation age then we wouldn't have those two extra weeks.


Tammy276 - November 4

iemc19, when you go to your doctor, do they say, "your 1 month pregnant until your are 4.5 weeks pregnant? No. This information is the information my doctor gave me, I just didn't think of it off the top of my head. When your pregnant, yeah, there isn't 28 days per month, but it doesn't matter. 4 weeks during pregnancy equals one month pregnant. A lot of woman have the misconception that we are only pregnant for 9 months but during pregnancy it is 10 lunar months ( a lunar month equals approximately 30 days), but remember you are going from the date of your lmp, which is adding weeks in there. If you want to count "real calander months", then say your lmp was September 10th, you would be 1 month pregnant October 10th, 2 months November 10th and so on..... check out this website....take out any - dashes that may appear http://pregnancytoday.com/resource/themonths.htm it explains everything and has a lunar month calander on there to tell you how many months pregnant you are. This is why when people ask me how far along I am, I have gotten into the habit of saying it by weeks... I don't even count by months unless someone specifically asks me how many months I am. But check out the website, I think it will help clear things up.


kyes - November 5




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