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Jessica - October 31

I have 2 questions. Lately I have been having alot of itching in a certain place and I told my doctor but he didn't even look to see what could be causing it and he just prescribed a cream called Terazol 7. It's a cream for yeast infections and the side effects say may cause itching and burning. Why would I want a cream that could cause itching if that's what I'm trying to get rid of? I called the pharmacy and he said to use it but I'm still scared. I'm one of those overprotective people. Also my second question is: Is 6 and a half months too late to switch doctors? The only reason I stayed with this doctor is because before my boyfriend and I got a car we had to rely on the bus and that was the only doctors office that was close. I also really like the nurse that does my ultra sounds but my doctor is too impersonal. He rushes you in and out of the office. I just want to be a little bit closer to the doctor that's going to bring my child into the world.


Krissy - November 1

You are not wrong for being cautious about medicines that are prescribed to while you are pregnant. Second, if you are going to switch doctors, do it now before you are any further into your pregnancy. You want to feel comfortable with your doctor. I switched at about 15 weeks. It was the best thing I have done! I love my new doctor. If you do switch doctors, I would wait and ask your new doctor what he or she thinks about this creme. If you are going to stay, I would call the nurse that you like and ask her opinion on the creme. Good luck honey!


E - November 1

I would switch to someone else immediately. This is a time when personality means a lot. Dump him:) I agree about the cream. I constantly itch in that spot and am miserable.


christine - November 1

Not that I am totally disagreeing with everyone but terazol 7 is just a cream used for yeast infections and is safe during pregnancy. Yeast infections are very common, even for non pregnant woman. I have had a yeast infection before, I cant imagine any woman who hasen't (but I guess there are), doctors are notorious for diagnosing without inspection. (And remember it is also not very good to be doing any sort of internal exam throughout pregnancy for it raises risks of infection and such). There is probably a little more to the doctors choice in diagnosis and treatment that was said. As for not feeling comfortable with your doctor, I would say that as long as you are not having any major complications that this doctor is following up on, switch to someone else. All of your records can be transferred very easily. It is very important to be able to feel easy about going to see your doctor, and if you dont feel like he is doing all he can for you that you should try to find one that will.



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