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Rachel29 - December 5

So I'm mainly just venting, but it seems like when I tell people that know both me and my husband I'm pregnant, they say "Oh, another (my husband's name) on the way" or something like that as if I had nothing to do with it. We don't even know the s_x of the baby yet, and already I guess because my husband has such a presence and personality (he really IS a great guy, that's why I married him), I'm just left out of the picture! I'm the one doing all the work, and it's half my gene pool! People don't mean to offend me, I know, but it still gets to me. It's like I want a girl just so people will stop saying that. If we have a boy, I'm sure it will never end (which I would be very happy with if the comments would stop). Any ideas as to what to say to get people to quit saying things like this? Especially if it turns out to be a boy. Maybe I'm just a little sensative right now, and making something out of nothing. I do tend to get a little crazy now that I'm pregnant. Thanks!


HeatherIsHopeful - December 5

I know how you feel, I moved to Texas where my husband lives about a year after he did because he joined the military and moved here for Basic training and tech school then got stationed here, anyway.. he had all kinds of friends when I got here and hey have become some of my closest friends too, but still they were his friends first and that means when we told them I was pregnant it was all about him... what saved me was when another wife of our little group got pregnant too and she would talk to me about it and all that it made me feel like I was important and stuff. also when I would feel sick or just look miserable they realized that while DH is drinking and whatever Im sitting here doig all the work. sometimes it just has to be brought to their attention. I know they don;t mean anything by it but the next time someone says "oh another "your husbands name" running around" say something like "only if half a baby comes out" or "no, its another "your name" running around" or its another "your last name" running around" and let them know it takes two to make a baby. good luck hun!


Faye84 - December 5

OMG rachel I know how you feel and I have had to deal with it ALL the time with my husbands family. We have a GIRL and they wouldnt shut up about how much she looks like him. Never anything about me. Not ONCE, even when they visited the hospital. So when Kylie was about 4 months or so they kept going on and on and on so I said "yeah she doesnt look anything like me. Because you know I wasnt there when she was concieved I was just the one that spend 26 hours getting her out of me." Theyve never again said anything about how she looks identical to My husband. My husband felt bad when they would do that, he would always say " she has fayes lips" or " she has fayes eyes" lol such a sweetheart. But my advise is either you bite the bullet and give a rude remark back or they will do it forever whether its a boy or girl.



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