Whats The Best Thing About Pregnancy

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maddai - May 10

i was wondering, what is the bestthing about pregnancy, is it feeling the baby move, the s_x,your growing bump etc???


Amara - May 10

I love it when my baby kicks me... I laugh a little, and talk to him/her... asking what's going on in there... or what do you need... Kick away baby... kick away... I don't mind. : )


Jodie - May 12

I think the whole thing is wonderful but it really didnt hit me until i was preggers with my second that i was growing a whole new person and with all the problems i had in my last 2 pregnancys and with this one i absolutely love it, what a gift to be able to create a new life and feel it growing inside you, and to anyone who may have anything negative to say about being pregnant be thankful you can have children because a lot of women dont have that privelage


Kara - May 12

I agree, baby kicking has been the best thing for me. Up until then I never really felt connected to this little thing the doctors a__sured me was growing in there, but now i feel like i have a real bond with him already, that thru his movements and kicking I can already tell things about his personality, for eg. what music gets him going and he loves it when i have a warm bath!


tara - May 13

I have been loving everything - the growing belly, the glow, the attention, most of all feeling the baby...and so on. The things I don't like are unsolicited advice from those I don't know, I also don't like how sensitive my feeling are these days. :o) Happy pregnancy!


Heidi - May 13

Ha ha! Eating like a pig and being able to blame it on being pregnant!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 13

The best thing about pregnancy has to be the end result. The baby kicking is also wonderful, as are the hiccups, although they get to be quite annoying in the home stretch. I'll tell you what, not being pregnant is a shock. About a week after I delivered my first baby, I was in mourning of my pregnancy. I really really missed being pregnant. You get so used to sharing your body and feeling all the babies movements. Enjoy and cherish every moment. :o)


M - May 13

The food ; )


Eryn - May 14

Being able to eat things you avoided bbefore pregnancy because they were fating (B___terfingers) I forgot how good they are


Devil - May 15

The 9 month long excuse to be an absolute witch and still thought to be an angel


nelly - May 15

to me its everything except the discomforts its beautiful the growing belly the baby moving the cute maternity clothes everything i love it even though i have had discomforts the whole time so far and i am 30 weeks i still love it and i cant wait to see the precious little one. my husband will just stare at me and rub my belly and kiss it and so does our 5 year old daughter shes very possessive of my belly and she dont want anyone touching it but her.



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