Whats Your Girl Name

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Niki - February 15

I am having trouble finding a girl name what name have you picked out?


kimc - February 15

Some that I like are: Claire, Keira, Kyra, Clarissa, Alaina... (as you can tell I like the K's and C's) Best of luck!


Maria - February 15

I have 2 girls at home, their names are Rachael Nicole and Brianna Maria. I don't know what I am having now, but if it's another girl I am going to name her Allyson Rose.


alasc - February 15

I like the name Kiernan and Elsa for a girl.


livdea - February 15

I love Stella Rae, Penelope Sue, Layla/Leila, and also Maya...my all time favorite is Eleanore but I'm pretty much the only person who likes that one!


jmnoonan - February 15

I love the name Abigail Grace, and have for awhile. I may try and think of runners up though because Abigail is so popular right now.


ga2bme - February 15

I really like the original names. My 2 girls names are Quinnah Noelle, and Jherney Elizabeth, If I have another girl this time around it will be Azllyn Azure Leigh. Good Luck, there are so many neat names out there. Have you gone online to look?


kimc - February 15

A friend of mine named her daughter Jerika... I liked that one... and I liked Quinn for a girl, but DH vetoed it.


Angelaw. - February 15

Hi, our little girls (if that's what we are having) name will be Alaina Kathryn. Our other option was Jocelyn Lela, but we also liked Tess, Anya, Stella, Molly, Brynne, Bree and Gabriel (than along came desperate housewives and ruined those last two! lol)


Krista - February 15

Brooklyn, Rylee, skylar, Sierra, Alexa


GLORIA - February 15

Y'all...I stopped telling anyone the names I've picked out...I know it sounds silly but everytime someone has asked me...I used to tell them. I know I don't own the name. But I get seriously upset when they tell me what they already picked for their baby then they I guess you could say 'steal' the name I wanted to use. last time a friend had the name Nikki Michelle picked out and asked my what girl name I picked out if I was gonna have a girl. I said Jenna...She said 'that is a cute name I love that i never heard of that..." well two weeks later she had her girl and named her Jenna. My neice was pregnant two years ago... and asked me what names I liked....because she couldn't think of any. I told if i ever had another boy I'd name him Aidan Maverick or Cole Everest....guess what!...She named her little boy Aidan Cole. I guess I was kind of hurt by that....Does that sound goofy to get upset over something like that. My Brother and sis-n-law were preg. with their first and she wanted to name him Phillip because it meant "Lover of Horses". She grew up around horses and rode them before she could even walk herself. Her and my Brother got married on horse-back. Well she named their little boy Phillip. Then my aunt got all bent out of shape because she was pregnant too and married to my uncle 'Phillip'. She was hurt because my brother's wife had their baby in May and named him first. So she wound up giving her baby Phillip for his middle name. I think my sis in law was justified because she didn't know my aunt was even pregnant yet when she picked the name Phillip. Is anyone here a little selfish with sharing their names?


tjane - February 15

Well seeing how none of us live next door too each other so its not a big deal to me. My first daughters name is Jazlyn and I am 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd little girl and I am naming her Janiyah....


Kaila - February 15

i like Ashlyn


Tillie - February 15

Gloria, I'm definitely quiet about it when it comes to family and friends, not because I fear they'll be stolen, but because I don't want anyone's opinion! It's my child, my name. But since I don't know any of you, I'm thinking about Madeline or Chloe for a girl (middle name Abigail). Which do you guys think is LESS popular? (That's the one I want!)


tjane - February 15

definately Chloe, ive worked at a few daycares over the last few years and actually never had a chloe but there have been a few madelines (im in florida) if that matters....


tjane - February 15

to tillie too, i am getting alot of mess from people too!! esp about the name janiyah. especially my sister, she said if im going to name her that i might as well name her shaqueefa. im like OMG! shes stuck up anyways but i know what you mean. Both of my daughters are bi-racial, black and white and I dont want anything that is typically labeled either way..... and its been hard.


Tillie - February 15

tjane--thank you! So good to know. And Janiyah is a lovely, original name.



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