When Am I Gonan Feel Pregnant

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amanda - August 8

im 16 to 17 weeks other then having to pee alot i dont feel pregnant yet i have a 2 year old i already forgot when i start feeling it


jb - August 8

Good question. I am 13 wks and dont feel preg yet. Are you showing yet? I thinks thats when it will start to feel real to me.


amanda - August 8

No im not really showing ive got a bit of a tummy cant wait till i do start showing though


Rachel - August 8

Im 17 weeks, and I dont feel anything yet. I think you really start to feel it when you grow, or when the weather gets hotter, im worried, im gonna be full term in the middle of summer, in the humid city Sydney. ahh.. hehe


amanda - August 8

im just glad ill be really pregnant in the dead of winter will b enice not to sweat so much i hate the heat


Sonia - August 9

Oh I'm glad my due date is in January. This is my first pregnancy and don't feel pregnant either, although I'm 16 weeks. I guess seeing the tummy grow will make it more real, specially if it's your first baby.


Dani - August 9

Thank your lucky star for those of you who havent felt pregnant yet. You guys are lucky. You could be like some of us who have been toilet queens for 4 months straight. You dont want that to be your only memory of being pregnant. Soon you guys will be able to feel movement and you will have that wonderful feeling. I get to be plegged with morning sickness then (the good part) the wonderful kicks :)


Maggie - August 10

God Blessed you guys with easy pregnancies. I on the other hand had a pretty rough 1st. trimester, but I'm startng to feel better now. This is not my first pregnancy so I know what the third trimester has to offer, so don't worry! Once you hit 26 weeks, and you can no longer see your feet when you look down, and you can't bend over to tie your own shoes you will definately feel pregnant. Rachel I know how you feel. I live in the U.S., and I was nine months pregnant in the month of August. My solution to it was to not go out during the day and to stay in an air conditioned room. It was that summer that I earned the nic name "polar bear." Good Luck everyone!


Hanna - August 11

I am 17 weeks pg and I am starting to feel pregnant. My tummy is growing a little and I just feel a lot is happening in there.. I don't mean movement (although I sometimes think I do feel something, but I am not sure). It's just a weird 'heavy feeling' . My tummy is also getting pretty hard. Good luck to you all!!


kelly - August 12

hanna, i feel like i am in the same boat as you...lots of wierd feelings and not sure what it is. definately heavy feeling. i was very sick my 1st trimester and now that i feel better i don't really feel pregnant just strange sensations occasionally. although people are telling me i am starting to show now.


Alicia - August 12

I'm 22 weeks now, but i didn't really start to feel pregnant until I could feel the abby moving. Before that I just felt Fat!! But when you start to feel your baby in there, then you know it's real. God Bless our babies!



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