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Tess - November 15

Just thought I create this post for all of you moms out there...when are you due, and IF you know what you're having. Thanks!


Tess - November 15

Let me start...Im due May 19th, not sure yet if its a boy or girl. *can't wait*


anita - November 15

i'm due Mar.17 and i'm having a little girl. :o)


jb - November 15

Due 2/15/05 with a girl!! (we think they were 80% sure) So excited!! Have a doctors appt in 30 minutes. Scared to weighed :o)


maya - November 15

oh my . some of you ladies are pretty far along. I'm due May 18th.. it feels like an eternity away.


Tess to maya - November 15

Im due May 19th, a day after yours. :o) Im guessing your almost 14 wks, right? When do you get to find out your baby's gender?


amy - November 15

Im due april 9,we find out in 2 wks what were having!!


Tasha - November 15

April 1st!! and we're waiting to find out.


Terra - November 15

They are pretty sure I"m having a girl. I'm due March 30th


Bump and Me - November 15

EDD is March 6. Having a girl !!!


kendall - November 15

i'm due 2/18/06 with my first little girl, jb, we'll be in the third trimester soon, that may be why you might say that it seems like an eternity but it will go by so fast. CONGRATS TO ALL :)


Shannon - November 15

I'm due april 2nd, I find out in two days if it's a boy or girl


Amy - November 15

Due Jan 25th it's a BOY


me - November 15

Due approx. 4/22 (though also been told 4/18), and may find out if boy or girl on Monday.


Tiffany - November 15

I am due May 21 and I dont know what i am having yet.


maya - November 16

Hi Tess. Yup. I believe I am 13 weeks and 5 days now. Saw the baby two days ago but too early for seeing what gender it is going to be. I'll be going in for another visit in a month but I doubt he'll be able to see. or maybe if we get lucky the baby will be in the perfect position to tell!! I hope so. Then I can start thinking about names!


Tess - November 16

Maya, my next appt wont be til 12/05, Im getting a flu shot that day :) I want to find out the gender sooner.......but Dr. said something it wont be til the 1st wk of Jan.....waiting is such a killer. Arrrgggghhhhh.....I hope he'd Ok it if I would req. to find out the gender of our baby. *crossfingers*



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