When Can DH Hear Or Feel Baby

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Alison - April 30

Just wondered people's experiences of when their DH was able to feel the baby's movements by putting a hand on their tummy-or was able to hear the baby's heartbeat by placing an ear to their tummy? I am 20 weeks this coming week and have been feeling gentle flutters/movements for a few weeks but are still very gentle. My DH put his ear to my tummy just to see what (if anything!) he could hear and said he heard a slooshing noise like liquid so didn't know if it was the uterus or my tummy lol! Though this is my 4th pregnancy this is the first time I have managed to get this far (have had 3 1st trimester miscarriages previously) so is all new to me. Anyone share their experiences? Heard baby's heartbeat by doppler at 16 weeks which was wonderful! Have my 20 week scan on Friday and am very excited about that :-) Thanks! xxx


falafal0 - April 30

Hi Alison, conggratulations on your pregnancy. This is my fourth too, I've managed to carry to term, and though I've had a threatened miscarriage, have neerv had to go what you've gone through. It must be so exciting for you and your hubby! This time around, my DH was able to feel bubby moving very gently at 18 weeks (me, from about 15 weeks this time), though it was very gently. Now at 24 weeks, he gets kicked all the time quite hard, especially when cuddling against his back in bed! Good fun...If I can't sleep, why should he, right?! He was able to hear our first baby's heart beat towards the end of hte pregnancy, around the 36th or 37th week I think, have tried but not really succeed with the others yet. I think it depends alot on where baby is at the time, how close to the skin they are. The scan will b__w you away, because it becomes very real when you actually see baby's bits and pieces inside you. Even with a fourth baby coming, my DH still said at the ultrasound, "Well, now we know for sure he's in there!" It must be so different for them, you know? Even though they go thorugh it with you, they don't experience it 24/7 like we do, the pros and cons to the pregnancy, and it's not until they're holding them that it actually becomes real some men, even though they go through the experience with you. God bless them! Take care of yourself and enjoy every moment of the pregnancy - wil you find out if it's a boy or a girl, or wait?


SuzieQ - May 1

Hi Alison - congrats on your pregnancy! I think it depends on the position of the baby. Yesterday morning I woke up to really strong kicks, and I swear the baby was right at the very front of my abdomen. My dh could feel him/her easily! It was very cool! But today I'm not feeling much and the movements I feel are deeper in my abdomen now. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it seems like things shift around day by day. Anyways, he'll be feeling those kicks soon :)


Carla - May 1

Hi, My dh was able to feel him at 21 weeks. Then not again till 22 weeks. Some days my little guy is kicking very strong and others more gentle but by 22 weeks he should get to feel your baby.


Carla - May 1

lol i just realized this is alison from the reunion thread lol I just posted to u. dh will feel him very soon. When you feel the movements put your hand where u feel them and see if you can feel them from the outside if so run and get dh! xoxoxo


JESS1980 - May 1

Hi Alison! My husband was able to feel the baby kick around 18 weeks....and around 21 weeks he was able to actually see the baby kicking. Now the baby kicks and moves all the time. I think it's different for everybody though.


Alison - May 5

Thanks ladies for your replies! Falafal0 yes it is just so exciting that this time all is well-our dream come true! Yippee! The scan really did b__w me away! Everything looked normal and healthy which we are so thankful for and baby was just so adorable! Covering face with hands like a game of "peek-a-boo" SO cute! It really helped it seem more real-the 12 week scan was amazing too but this one was awesome! Helps it sink in that yes-we really are finally having a baby of our own! I know what you mean about the DH's it must feel so different for them. We didn't find out the s_x of the baby-our maternity hospital have recently introduced a new policy of not telling couples the s_x-they have notices up everywhere! But we don't mind glad baby is healthy-and hey you can never be 100% anyway! It will be amazing when baby is born and they say "It's a........!" Can't wait! Wow so you are 24 weeks! Well, 25 now-you are due around mid August? Do you know the s_x of your baby? Wishing you all the best! SuzieQ thanks! My movements feel deep inside if that makes sense. Thanks for the rea__surance. I guess they move around and so the movements vary as to how they feel-how cool that your DH can feel your baby! Bless you! Carla hi! I posted on the reunion page earlier-don't have time to go through all the posts just now but will later in the weekend and attempt to catch up with everyone! I have been putting my hand there when I feel movements but nothing "external" yet just inside. JESS1980 your DH felt your baby at 18 weeks that is really cool! As you say it's probably different for everyone. The 20 week scan was amazing though and I feel rea__sured that baby is well so I will look forward to feeling stronger kicks in the weeks to come and to being able to see DH feel them too! It's all so exciting! Thanks again everyone-((hugs)) to you and your little ones xxx


Ddvinson3 - May 8

I'm 20 weeks and my husband still can't hear or feel the baby yet. Every time he is near me and I feel the baby move I put his hand on my stomach but he still can't feel anything. And we have a doppler thing at home with headphones for the heartbeat and my dr. said it probably won't pick up until 20 -22 weeks so we haven't tried it lately but I'm going to tonight. But I guess it just depends on how the baby is positioned and where the placenta is as well. Everyone's body is different.



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