When Can I Find Out The Sex Of My Baby

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Jenn2 - September 23

When can I find out the s_x of my baby? I am10 weeks along. I so excited to find out. Thanks!


Rhonda - September 23

Hi Jenn you should be able to find out at your 20wk sono if the baby is in the right position which they usually are so good luck...


Holly - September 23

20 weeks


Marlene - September 23

around 20wks depending what week for appt falls on.....


Jamie - September 25

You can actually find out now with a blood sample, (the baby gender test from Mentor), it's more accurate than an ulrasound also.


Sam - September 25

Don't count on your 20-week U/S. I was SO excited to find out, and my baby would not cooperate. I have to go back in four weeks to check something else, though, and hopefully I'll find out then. Try that bloodtest....I've read about it and it sounds awesome! You can know almost as soon as you find out you're pregnant.


Bethany - October 5

How can I tell the s_x of my baby? My sonogram says girl, but most of the other tests say boy.


shelly - October 6

I found out at 17 weeks, it depends on when they do your u/s


jess - October 6

I was hoping also to find out at 20 wks but my baby didn't cooperate. i may have to pay for another ultrasound b/c me and my husband really want to know.


March_Mommy06 - October 7

Hey. I am 16 weeks and 3 days along and I go next thursday to find out! He said we would probably know for sure then :-) What is the blood test you are talking about??


marea - November 22

you can get a 4/D ultrasound...expensive, but you`re guaranteed to find out the s_x.


Mentor test - November 22

Looked it up, and wow! It's expensive! Really, it's not THAT long we have to wait. Seems like just yesterday I found out I was preg & 5 weeks along, now I'm almost 19 weeks preg, & just found out baby's gender. It goes by fast enough to not spend $300. extra when seems like most people these days are wondering where the money to take care of a child is gonna come from. Patience!


March/April - November 22

Depends on the ultrasound guy too - sometimes the baby has the last laugh in that one!! My gf was told 90% girl (of course they aren't going to guarentee anything) bought all girl stuff and wouldn't you know, she had a boy! He had the last say in that one.


Tess - November 22

Between 18-20 wks. per my Dr. but sometimes you can find out sooner.



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