When Can Others Feel The Baby Move

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denimbluez - December 6

i am in my 20th week and am feeling this little sucker move quite a bit. but i am so bummed...i want my husband to feel something too. it's great that i can experience this but just wish he could share in some of the fun too, ya know? so when is it normal for the baby to be large enough and move enough for someone else to put their hand on my tummy and feel him moving?? thanks in advance :o)


sterlinberlin05 - December 6

I'm not really sure I guess it all depends. With my first I couldn't even feel the baby until about 20 weeks or so, but I'm 18 weeks now and if I lay down when the baby is really active my husband and I can both feel it already. It's not real strong but he can feel it already,


Rainbowbrite - December 6

Yeah i remember feeling the same way! I think he was able to feel her kick around 20-21 weeks but then it was like he knew he felt something but it wasn't like anything that really stood out! It was more of a I THINK I FELT IT type of thing... but now at 25 weeks she is moving all the time and i can feel her ALOT and the moving is really more noticeable.. and he can feel her no doubt now. But i think at around 23 weeks he was able to feel her no problem just now he can feel her without having to concentrate to feel her! Last night i just laughed because she was moving so much and it was tickling! LOL But i'm sure in a matter of no more than a few weeks it will be no doubt he can feel her!!!


Stephanie_31 - December 6

I am just 23 weeks and DH just felt it this week. I found as soon as I could see the movements from the outside he was able to feel it. My DD was able to feel it sooner than DH.


denimbluez - December 6

thank you all soooo much for your responses!! i cant wait....and i am glad to hear it wont be that much longer!! it's sorta scary though.....i feel like the doctor was just telling me i was 8 weeks, and here i am at 20 almost 21 weeks!! time is going by to fast before i know it i will be holding my little one in my arms!! WOW!!



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