When Can You Feel The Baby

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holli - June 30

At what point can you feel the baby move? I know it differs for everyone, and I heard with your first pregnancy you might not recognize it, but about when is it that people start feeling things?


SuzieQ - June 30

There's lots of threads on this one! I started to feel this baby (my first) at 17 weeks, which my doctor considered extremely early. He didn't expect me to feel anything until 20 weeks at least. The first movements felt like a muscle spasm to me, similar to a fish tugging on a line (?!?) if that makes any sense. I only felt them after I ate and was laying on my back.


babybird - July 1

With my first I felt him at about 20 weeks, with my second I felt him at 16 and my doctor also thought that was extremely early, but I'm 100% sure I was feeling him. Like SuzieQ I think they felt like muscle spasms too. And it usually happened when I was laying down.


Perl - July 1

I felt a lot of little twitching movements early on but was not totally sure if it was baby movement. It became a little more obvious I was feeling my baby move in my 17th week when it felt more like little muscle twitch with vibrations. I'm now in 20th week and still not at the point for me and my dh to see movement on the outside of my belly or feel it with hand touching my belly.


AshleyB - July 1

I'm 16wks and I keep feeling little twinges or spasm type feelings. But I dont know for sure if its baby or not. This is my first, so it would be early if it was baby, but they are strange feelings, I"ve never felt before. So maybe...


pinkrox87 - July 1

hey i felt my twins move at 16 weeks, but it may have been that early coz i am carying two. i think SuzieQ described it well... as muscle spasms... coz thats exactly what mine are feeling like.. just gettin stronger :P


18wbabynov - July 1

my dr. started asking me at around 13 weeks... at about 17 i started really feeling her kick... and it feels like someone in flicking the inside of your stomach (down low at first though).


CaliTrish - July 1

I didn't feel my little bean until 22 weeks. Almost overnight it went from the occasional tap that I wasn't quite sure about to repet_tive thuds. A couple days later, it felt like huge bubbles popping in my tummy. When he gets really active, It almost makes me feel queasy. He's most active late at night and first thing in the morning. Anyway, this is my first baby, and I have an anterior placenta.


luvacuppajoe - July 1

I was (if I remember right) about 20 or 22 weeks when I felt my first and thought it was gas, which isn't uncommon. With my second and now my third, I didn't even know I was pregnant until about 2.4 months with each, and how I knew with #2 was I felt her move. With this one I felt my uterus bulging to one side when I woke up in the morning, and then felt her move a week or so later. So about 18 weeks or so with the last two.


HannahBaby - July 1

i saw my first kick at 19 weeks with my first baby. and with this baby i have just started seeing kicks at 25 weeks. Every pregnancy is different


luvacuppajoe - July 1

Wow I really messed that up. I should have said I was 4.5 months along when I found out I was pregnant, not 2.4. WTH? LOL


krc - July 1

I am 35 weeks and I don't think I eally felt nice, firm baby movements till I was obviously showing. Yeah I felt the flutters and tapping and stuff, but until the baby is big enough where they run out of room you really dont feel much.


Aviendha416 - July 1

Felt my first movement at 13w 2d. I don't notice the little "flutters" and "bumps" unless Im REALLY concentrating on it and I'm currently 15w 1d. The first movement I felt was the result of a startle in response to the dog making a sudden and quite loud BARK while riding in the car with us.


charliepaulchloe - July 2

i felt them about 20wks with first and about 13 wks with this one, i am now almost 25 wks and she must only sleep for about 4hrs a day. The strangest thing is that i suffer bad with hayfever and am constantly sneezing, when i do she goes wild its almost like she is having a seizure, you can see the vibrations for about a minute. its great seeing/feeling it but hurts at times. cali- i also have a low lying anterior placenta at the moment, hoping it will move back up.xx


alwaysamber - July 2

First baby and really started to feel them at 22 weeks.


MM - July 6

This is my first & I started feeling him at about 18 weeks. My husband got to feel him for the first time yesterday (about 21.5 weeks).


San_dee - July 6

with my first one i felt movements at 18wks, husband didnt feel them till i was about 22wks, this time however i felt movement at 11wks, i didnt dare tell anyone as i knew people would just say it was gas, it felt like b___terflies opening their wings, but i kept an eye on it and for sure it started to get stronger and stronger in the exact same place, i started to really feel thumps and see my stomach jiggle at 16wks



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