When Did Everyone

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Rainbowbrite - September 27

feel their first baby movement? How long did it take for it to become more consistent? how would you describe it when you first felt it? And when did you actually feel a more stronger movement??? I am 15 weeks and still waiting to feel the movement and of course excited to feel it and just wondering when everyone else experienced this!


sarah21 - September 27

Still anxiously waiting here... my mom describes it as a real soft flick. She keeps demonstrating on my arm what it will feel like in the hopes that I will feel it as early as possible, hehe. She is so excited you'd never know this is her 5th grandbaby (first from me, though).


Rainbowbrite - September 27

this is my first and also my moms first grandbaby... but it is just funny how women describe it... i'd imagine you'd know it when you felt it!! wouldn't you?


corbin289 - September 27

You hear alot of people saying it feels like popcorn popping but for me it feels like a soft poke. If you were to softly push on the inside of your arm I guess thats the best way I can describe it for me at least. It was al the end of 14 weeks when I started feeling movement but this is #3 for me. It is just now starting you get more frequent at 16 weeks. At first it wasnt even everyday.


babylove4 - September 27

Hi Ladies, I'm 22 weeks today & She started moving allot, Just started yesterday....It's like she's trying to get comfortable, very slow movements, It's like when your under water swimming, It's sort of the same kind of feeling, But only smaller & in your tummy....Hope that helps....You'll soon see what I'm talking about..: )


babylove4 - September 27

Oh I forgot the kicks & punches don't start until maybe middle or last of the second tri... : )


tracielee - September 27

this is my first baby. i started feeling movement around 15 weeks, but wasn't sure it was the baby until 17. they feel like little muscle twitches underneath your skin. then by 18 weeks it felt like swimming just like babylove says and by 19 it was like a fish flopping around. at 19 weeks was when DH was able to feel and see the baby moving. now that i'm 25 weeks the kicks hurt sometimes! but i love it so much. i can tell the baby's sleeping and awake pattern. it's so much fun.


lissica - September 27

This is my first and i absolutely did not feel a thing until exactly 20wks. About 3 days after that i could feel him every day. It felt like very mild tugs. Kind of like when you go fishing and you get a bite. I had to concentrate really hard while sitting on the couch to feel the first moves.


tracielee - September 27

one more thing i just thought of, i would suggest to keep a journal updating each week. that way you always remember. i started a journal around 14 weeks and update it once a week. i am so glad i did because it's super easy to forget all the little things and changes in myself and the baby!


iahabb - September 27

I first felt my baby in week 19 -- it was a very slight movement that I barely felt except for when I was lying on my back and not doing anything else -- almost as if he were a fish swimming in there! It got a lot more distinct by week 21, with what felt like some kicking as well. By then, if my husband held his palm on the lower part of my belly for a whie, he could feel the baby move too. By the start of week 23 he was definitely kicking and doing gymnastics in there, all of which I could feel. He also seemed to have developed a routine -- around 11pm each night he would start kicking and it would subside by about midnight. That's been the most fun part -- my husband and I set a "date" with the baby for that time each night.


KRISTINA - September 27

This is my second and you are supposed to feel it sooner with the second because you are more intuned. I still didnt feel anything for sure until I was like 20 weeks. I am 23 weeks now and she is moving a lot more and I would describe the movements as feeling like a muscle spasm. However when they get bigger and you can actually see your tummy pop out when they kick you, then it feels like you are about erupt or something :)


Rainbowbrite - September 27

I'm just really excited to feel something! And i know me being antsy is just going to make that wait seem so much longer! LOL... which sucks but i'm sure once it happens it will be great! thank you for sharing your stories with me!


cfuller - September 27

I first felt my baby move when i was 14 weeks. This is my first baby so I wasn't expecting to feel her so soon but for me it felt like gas bubbles popping in my stomach. It was really cool once I figured out it was my baby moving and not a fart! LOL! I didn't start to feel kicks until last Saturday which was awesome! Now we have a routine everyday where she kicks and I just sit there and feel her. You can actually see my stomach move now when she does it and my husband and his 2 kids have felt her kick too when she lets them. It's funny because she only really lets myself and her brother feel her kick but when her daddy and sister try to feel her she stops like she is playing a game with them LOL. This really is the best part of being pregnant for me, i love every minute of it! It will be fun when she gets big enough to tell where her feet are :-) I hope you feel your baby soon, it's the best thing in the world!


sarah21 - September 27

I keep laying down in the evenings when I get home, and just being quiet and as still as possible, but nothing yet. Not even gas rumblings. Oh well. It'll happen when it happens.


evae777 - September 27

i would say 14 weeks, but very subtle and hard to tell, now i am 24 weeks but by the 19th week it became pretty obvious. now at 24 i can actually see him move from the outside, it's pretty cool...


tynadu - September 27

This morning I was in bed and I guess I turned onto my stomach and on top of my arm. Well the baby went crazy moving and kicking it scared me and it also hurt. I didn't know baby was so strong...lol... Oh I am 20 weeks.


tracielee - September 27

tynadu, that's funny you mention it because sometimes when i lay on my right side, the baby starts kicking and rolling around in there, so if i move over onto my left side the baby totally calms down and stops kicking. i guess he/she just wants to be comfortable!!



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