When Did Everyone Begin Feeling The First Movements

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Mal052606 - December 21

I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and I was curious when I might begin feeling movement and what they might feel like?? I have had some flutters and such but they haven't been consistent so...I brushed them off as air on my tummy. I want so bad to feel the baby moving inside me...for comfort that he or she is doing fine. Please help!


Stephanie - December 21

Hi there- I am 191/2 weeks and I too wonder if this fluttering is the baby or just gas? My too are not consistent. Every woman is different, but I bet by week 22 you will definetely feel the kicks. My hubby said that I will probably want the days back when the baby was not kicking, but I doubt that. I want to feel that our little one is ok. Take care and good luck


yep - December 21

around 21-22 weeks, you'll start feeling definate kicks. some women never feel the little flutters. I'm 26 weeks and love feeling my baby move, but there are times I wish she would chill out a bit!


me - December 21

I felt the first movements today at 17 weeks and 1 day.


amy - December 22

im 17 weeks i felt my first movements afew days ago


stia - December 22

I began to feel the movements for sure only by week 20. Till then i wasnt sure whether it was the baby or the gas or just my imagination..! Once it starts, its great to feel it.


Mal052606 - December 22

I just want thank everyone for their feedback!! It is greatly appreciated!! I can't wait to be rea__sured that what I am feeling is real!


Ba8y6irl - December 22

I am entering my 19th week and I have felt kicks since last weeks or so... definitive kicks, like I know exactly what they are. Its funny I think baby hates public transit, either the noises or the vibration, but I get most of my kicks on my way home from work! I can't wait till they get stronger and I can feel them from the outside!


Mindy - December 23

I was in my 21st week before I actually felt movement, then it was nonstop!!! :) I love feeling her kick!


Daytona - December 27

I felt my baby first move at around 23weeks.


K - December 27

I wasn't feeling much I'm still not I'm at 21 weeks. I had my ultrasound last week and because of where my placenta is sitting it's in the way of the movement going on. We could really see the baby moving on the screen and yet I felt nothing. So don't worry it'll happen.


Mary - December 27

hi there, i felt baby move with my 1st baby around 20 weeks, during my 2nd pregnancy at 15 weeks. I know its very early and its more like pocking sometimes, but its because i'm very thin and its my second pregnancy. Its increadible to feel them move inside you, but then they get bigger they start push you at night alot, so relax and enjoy your miracles!!!


Mal052606 - December 27

I want to say thanks to all who have responded. It is very much appreciated!! Has anyone else had some cramping by chance?


N - December 28

Mal - I am at 14 weeks and experienced some bad cramping earlier in the week. I talked to my dr. and everything seems to be ok and they attributed to my uterus stretching so much at this point. I also think i was getting a little dehydrated. It has gone away now. What are you experiencing?


Mal052606 - December 28

N...thanks for your response. I am having some cramping in my lower stomach...its so strange...I will be 19 weeks tomorrow and it just kind of worried me... I dont have my ultrasound until the 19th...so I wanted some rea__surance that everything is ok. Have you started feeling movement yet?


N - December 28

Mal - No, i haven't started feeling movement yet. i think it's a little too early. But, my cramping was in the center (not the sides). They told me that it is my uterus being irritated. It got worse every time i moved for a full day. The following day it was alot milder cramping, but more constant - not only when i moved. I drank a lot of water and it is much better now. The 2nd day, when i woke up, my belly had shrunk even! That's what makes me think it had to do with dehydration. They told me to flood myself with water and that should help the cramping. By the next day, my belly was back. I think everything was starting to dry up in there! It was scary. My next u/s in on Tuesday. I think everything is fine, but am anxious to make sure! They also told me that cramping is common early in the 2nd trimester because you are growing so much and to call them if there was any bleeding, of course...


chicappai - December 30

I am 24 weeks today. I have been feeling movements since 19-20 weeks. Some days he moves more than others burt lately he has been moving quite a bit....



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