When Did Everyone Feel Their Baby First Kick

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[email protected] - September 13

When did everyone feel their baby first kick?


Indigo - January 29

I felt the first gentle movements at 13 weeks this time, which is earlier than with my other 2 kids, who were more like 16 weeks. I think it’s different for everyone.


nic - February 1

I felt bubbly movement at around 15 or 16 weeks, first proper kick at about 20 weeks


rebecca - February 8

with my first baby it was around 16 weeks and proper kicks by 19 weeks this baby is much earlier im 17 weeks now and feeling strong kicks and movements already


Anne - February 10

I felt little flutters around 18 weeks and my first real kick at 19 weeks. This is my first baby.


Nise - March 2

I was about 16 weeks when I felt the little flutters but about 20 weeks when he really started kicking hard.


Barbara - March 2

I guess I have a late bloomer!! I'm 24 weeks and didn't feel anything until about 2 weeks ago.


emma - March 8

This is my first pegnancy and Im 15 weeks and I Think I can Feel something its very light, usually at night when Im trying to sleep


mo - March 9

I'm 18.5 weeks and II have just started to feel flutters, no kicks yet...can't wait though.


kristi - March 19

17 weeks


mary - March 27

15 weeks


Jenny - April 2

I felt flutters at 14 weeks, and now at 17 weeks i felt my first proper kick. With my first baby it was 16 weeks with flutters and 20 weeks with first proper kick.


Heidi - April 2

I felt gentle flutters around 14 weeks and definate kicking 16 weeks,


Maggie - April 3

this is my 3rd pregnancy and i felt this baby move at 13 weeks.


Maureen - April 5

I still haven't felt the fetus move and this is my first baby. So, I'm really looking forward to it. I'm now 14 weeks, probably a bit too early still.


Milena - April 6

This is my first baby. I felt like bubbles bursting in my tummy at 16 weeks and the real kick at 17 weeks.


Mel - April 8

This is my third pregnancy, I am almost 12 weeks and i am sure i can feel the baby. When I sit still i feel flutters and a slow gentle popping low down. It might be just wishful thinking or I could be further on than i thought as they havent a__signed me a midwife still. Due to my change of address



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