When Did Everyone First Feel Their Baby Kick New Thread

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Julz - August 17

This is my third pregnancy, and I first started to feel squirming at 13.5 weeks. I'm now 16 weeks, and I'm getting the movement more frequently, but no actual kicks yet.


Lauren - August 18

I felt flutters at 18 weeks and actual kicking at 20 weeks. She is so active! It's pretty neat just sitting on the couch watching my belly when she is kicking. My husband thinks its funny.


trish - August 18

This is my third pregnancy (though I have had one miscarriage). I started feeling rolling, flutters around 13 weeks too! Now a bit past 15 weeks and feel more movement. I have not really told anyone, because I know they will say it is gas, but I can tell the difference! With my first, I was at least 18-20 weeks before i noticed the flutters. It is an unmistakable sensation!


Erin - August 18

This is my 1st pregancy. I felt flutters at about 14 wks and the first kick a day before 16weeks. It was really light, but by 17 wks my husband could feel it. It seems really early, but now that I'm 24 wks and get kicked all the time, I'm sure that was what I was feeling.


Kayla - August 18

I also felt my baby girl early (14.5 wks - 1st pregnancy) and everyone, including my doctor looked at me weird. They were only little flutters and not constant, but around 17 weeks they were geting stronger and at 19 they were kicks!! Now at 24 wks I can already tell when she's quiet and sleeping and when she's moving all around.. it's sooo neat!


MM - August 18

My son is very active. I felt him squirming around at about 16 weeks. I will be 20 weeks monday and yesterday I could feel actual kicks. Of course when i wanted to show my DH he would not do anything. He is already making a lier out of me LOL.


Gina 12-27-05 - August 19

This is my 5th and I felt little kicks at 12.5 weeks. They got stronger and stronger so I knew it was her. NOW she does gymnastics at 21 weeks.


C - August 19

I felt the first flutters around 17 weeks and kicking by 19 or 20 weeks. The bigger they get, the bigger the kick, that's for sure. :)


Dawn - August 19

This is my second pregnancy, and i started feeling movement around week 14... I am now 25 weeks..


Selena - August 19

This is my first pregnancy and I started feeling movement at about 16 weeks. Now at 21 weeks my little girl is always kicking me!


Ca__sie - August 19

I was feeling kicks, or soft "knocks," at about 17 weeks. Now at 23 weeks I am able to actually see the kicks



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