When Did Everyone Grow Out Of Their Jeans

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Charlotte - May 9

I can't seem to be able to button my jeans anymore without really squeezing myself in there. When did everyone start to outgrow their stuff or when you first noticed a belly. this is my first and right now I think I just look fat!


Me - May 9

You know everyone is going to be different right? On the first trimester forum girls think they are showing at 6 weeks! Some of those 6 weekers even claim to outgrow their clothing!


rb - May 9

i started at about 2 months in... but now i can't even cram myself in them if i tried and i'm only at week 16...


Misty - May 9

I can still fit in mine...I'm at 17 weeks. But when I sit down I have this roll of fat that sticks out over the top. Very aggravating, and yeah, I do just feel fat. I was a little overweight to begin with and the growing baby is just pushing what fat I had out and up. :-( So instead of a little fat belly it currently looks like I have a big fat belly.


Lissi - May 9

Mine still fitted me at 15 weeks, but I couldn't stand the feeling of them pressing on my belly when I sat down, so I switched to maternity jeans. I'm now 23 weeks and I think it could be several years before I fit back into them again. :-))) I hated the fat stage too. I found it best to wear very figure hugging tops rather than comfy t-shirts etc, beacause they made me look more pregnant than just fat.


ng - May 9

I still fit my jeans at 13 weeks, but have a fat rool above them, I am having to undo the top b___ton after a meal, I will put them away soon and wear track pants round the house


Kim - May 9

I switched to maternity jeans at 15 weeks, mostly for comfort's sake. I also read a post on here a while back that said that if you are trying too hard to squeeze into clothes, it will make you look fat but if you switch, you will look more pregnant. I still have a couple of pairs of pants I can wear at 16 weeks but I will be switching to maternity clothes very soon.


TX Girrrl - May 9

I'm about 17 weeks along and am giving up my jeans this week.


C - May 9

I am almost 15wks and have not been able to fit mine for the past mth - I quit wearing them because I was bloated alot and for comfort just bought the wide elastic band maternity jeans from Old navy...they fit through all trimesters and you can even wear them after baby, so hey why not??


crystal - May 10

I'm 19 weeks and I still fit my jeans. With my first I wore my jeans though out my whole pregnancy, I just couldn't b___ton them so i just had shirts that covered that.(and I didn't starve myself I gained 37 pounds and had I healthy 8 pounds 3oz baby)


J - May 10

I still fit into mine at 17 weeks, but they are getting a lot tighter - they leave marks on my belly because they are so tight. I wish I could wear some maternity clothes, but the ones I have are still quite a bit too big. So, I guess I'll just have to suffer through this middle fat stage and hope I pop sometime soon. How far along are you Charlotte?


Erin - May 10

I was about 19 weeks when I finally had to buy a pair of jeans that were a bit bigger...mat jeans still didn't fit. Now at 24 weeks, I am starting to get into maternity clothes. It's hard to believe how fast these little dudes grow in there!! haha Good Luck!


Jodie - May 10

I outgrew my jeans at about 7 - 8 weeks. Im 15 weeks now and look like the back end of a bus. my gut is huge everyone thinks im having twins (im not) and to all the women still being able to fit into their jeans, i hate you :(


??? - May 11

I can't believe anyone could fit their jeans through their entire pregancy!! And how uncomfortable to wear them opened, there are so many cute maternity clothes nowadays that do not look like mat clothes!!


Josie - May 11

On the 21st of March I was going to work, at 17 weeks pregnant, and my formerly loose-fitting dress pants that fit for my interview two weeks before wouldn't do up...what a rude awakening eh? Now at 25 weeks even some of my maternity pants are a little snug...thank goodness I only have 8 more weeks of work to go!!


KC - May 11

I am 15 weeks-I just put a rubber band around the b___ton of my jeans and then through the b___ton hole. I'm not yet ready to buy maternity clothes-I mean my jeans still fit just a little snug after I've been sitting for awhile!


Misty - May 11

I gave in last night and ordered some maternity pants. Mine still fit and I am almost 18 weeks. But I know they wont last long and these were on sale and work appropriate. The whole rubberband thing does work if you are tight up on money so you don't want to buy clothes for, what, 5 months? But if you can afford it the maternity clothes are just too much more comfortable.



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