When Did Everyone Start Showing

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Allison - December 1

I was curious when everyone started really having a "pregnant" tummy. Not just a little bloat feeling.


Lisa - December 1

I offically popped around 16-17 weeks. I have a nice round little belly now; like I've got a basketball under my shirt.


tiffany - December 1

im 17 weeks and my belly is just starting to pooch out a little. i hope soon that i will start showing more pretty soon. im excited to look "pregnant".


Ashley - December 1

I am 14 weeks and I have a little belly already! It's nice and round and sticking out! Very noticable!! I love it!!!


kiddolebel - December 1

14 weeks and I have a little belly =)


sparkles - December 1

I started popping out around 12-13 weeks, but it was very small. I'm now 19 1/2 weeks and have majorly popped out. My belly now looks pregnant, finally!


Tina - December 2

Im 22 weeks and just starting to show. The baby is growing normal and everything is fine, but if you saw me on the street you would never second guess 'could she be pregnant?!' because I just look bloated. Only I can tell! Every woman grows at a different rate


maya - December 2

my hubby says I look pregnant. I definately have a round tummy now.. but I feel like it is all fat.. when I lay down it almost all goes away.. I am slim gal and it is strange to have this buldge.. I'm 16 weeks and according to hubby I look pregnant.. hmm


Bonnie - December 2

21 weeks, and it shows but it's soft and when I lie down it still goes flat. Also, sitting up it still creases at the navel.


angie - December 2

I'm at dthe end of my 13th week and my belly looks round and buldgy already. My family all notice it and everyone already wants to touch the belly. I love this atention i just can't wait for it to get even bigger. I'm loving this.


Alex - December 4

16-17 weeks for me


to Allison - December 4

Depends on how tight your stomach muscles are (is it your first baby or subsequent babies?), what shape your body is, how much extra padding you have already, etc. This is my first, I'm a short, apple-shaped (as they say) woman with a few extra pounds to begin with (although I lost weight from nausea during the first trimester), and a big chest to begin with too... so I'm sure my stomach would look even bigger if my b___sts weren't so large already. Anyway, I'm 20 weeks along, and definitely showing, though not a huge tummy. Growing exponentially lately though.


Mich - December 5

i am 24 weeks and i dont think you can really tell. Just look like i have put on a few extra kg's. Dont even fit into maternity clothes or anything, i just find they have all this extra material at the front that i cant fill up! i really want to start showing, i want to have the little belly out front so people know and dont think i have got a bit beafy!


betsy - December 5

I am thin to begin with, and I really show. I have only put on 3 pounds, at 16 weeks. My stomach is sticking straight out.



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