When Did Morning Sickness End For You

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Dia - October 29

Hi ladies - I am only 8 weeks pregnant and thought I would visit the second trimesters for this question. The day I hit my 7th week I began throwing up horribly. By day 3, I was in the hospital with IV's....the doctor sent me home with phenergan, an anti-nausea drug and it works okay, but the thought of food still makes me horribly queazy. I can keep food and liquids down now, but just wondering....when did you ladies begin to feel normal again? Thanks!!


Jenn - October 29

Mine eded at 11 weeks good luck hopefully you will to I know it seems like it wont but you will get there


kad - October 30

im 27 weeks and still have morning sickness, although most ppl feel better at around 14 weeks, every bodys different, i hope u feel better soon good luck


Camilla - October 30

I'm 15 weeks and feel much, much better than I did at 8 weeks. I still feel a bit queasy very occasionally in the evenings, but it's nothing like I felt in the beginning. I never actually threw up, but at 8 weeks I was feeling nauseous at all times of the day. Those early weeks seemed to last forever! But it does get better. And for many gals the magic number seems to be between weeks 12-14. Happy pregnancy Dia!


Mary - October 30

I'm almost 18 weeks and I still vomit. I just did last night. But the nausea is much much better. I can get through most of the day now without being sick. Its just mostly sparatic for me now. It really catches me off guard.


Erin - October 30

I'm 23 weeks and have been hospitalized 3 times with hyperemesis gravidarum, you may have the same problem but for your sake I hope not because it sucks. I'm on medication and still get sick occa__sionally but I will say that it is DEFINITELY better than it was when I was in my first trimester


Kerry - November 1

I haven't been sick for nearly 3 weeks now, so hopefully it's over ! Last time I was ill was at 15 weeks. Still get queasy occasionally, but not enough to hang over the bucket in the morning anymore ! Makes going to bed much nicer ! x


Kimberley - November 1

I am today 23 weeks, and have only just pa__sed the sickness stage. This is my 4th baby, and I have never been sick with any of my others, so it was a huge shock.......and I can totally sympathise with all ladies who get morning sickness, it is the pits :(


Maggie - November 1

With my first pregnancy I had morning sickness the whole 9 months. With this pregnancy it ended at about 19 weeks. Certain smells will still make me feel like I will throw up, but thankfully I haven't. When I was really sick I would drink Ensure Healthy Mom, and I was able to keep it down.


Samantha - November 1

Hey. Sorry to tell you guys this, but Im 19 weeks along and never felt sick at all!


sparkles - November 1

I had appet_te changes and mild nausea off and on that started during my 7th week and just started letting up a few weeks ago. It goes away little by little. I'm 15 weeks now.


Kathleen - November 1

I started to get sick my 7th week as well. It hit hard. I was vomiting so much I had to get two IV's. I thought that it would never end. But it has died down somewhat. I'm 19 weeks now and I pretty much only throw up one time a week. I'll take that over what I was going through!!!! I lost 25 pounds during my first trimester!!! I have just recently gained my first 2 pounds, and that's been exciting for me. Hang in there!!!!


Tess - November 1

Dia~ Im 11w4d and my morning sickness end when I was 10 wks preggo. Hang in there!


Jenny - November 14

I am 15 weeks pregnant and still very nauseas. Not nearly as bad as it was when I was 8 weeks, but still have nausea! I never went to the hospital, but my doctor did prescribe me phenergan. It works good, but made me very very sleepy. My doctor said that nausea usually lets up around the 14th week due to a decrease in hormones, however I am still sick. Hopefully you will be feeling better within the next couple of weeks!


to Dia - November 14

You've got at least a few more weeks to go. I started getting nauseous (no throwing up, thank GOODNESS!) about the 6th week, and it was CONSTANT (morning noon night) for about 6 weeks or so... into week 12. But now I'm good, even though brushing my teeth & the smell of certain things makes me gag sometimes... I'm a WHOLE lot better. Hang on, girl! Just try to keep your prenatal vitamins & calcium supplements down, nibble dry starchy foods like crackers, DON'T eat acidic foods, and don't worry too much. Your baby is getting nutrients from your body's reserves too.


Jenn - November 15

21 weeks and still throw up occasionally, every three days or so, but thats much better then the 6 times a day i was in my first trimester


Lisa D - November 18

I was really sick since 6 weeks ( throwing up 2-6x a day though mostly dry heaves). I started feeling better at 20 weeks. If I rush too much or push myself too much I do still throw up but under normal circ_mstances I am feeling a lot better. Hope you get to that place as well. My mom was sick all 9 months with me so I was grateful when the daily routine stopped. Good luck.



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