When Did Most Of You Really Start Showing

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Lesley Ann - May 18

Hello ladies. I am 17 weeks pregnant and I only have a small tummy. I have friends who at this stage were really big and it was really easy to see they were pregnant. With me you can't really tell unless my pants are a bit tight but even then it only sticks out a bit.


nm - May 18

I don't think I really started to show till I was in my 5th month.


camie - May 18

I am 22 1/2 weeks and yesterday at my appointment my front belly measured 24-cm. There is no way of me hiding my belly. Ha Ha! I started showing a little when I was 12-13 weeks now I am really showing. And this is my first pregnancy


ada - May 18

this is my first pregnancy iam 25 weeks pregnante and iam messuring 26cm thats weird


citrouille - May 18

I've been showing for about a month.. I'm 21 weeks now and there is no doubt that everyone who sees me knows I'm pregnant. There is a bad stage to go through where you know you are pregnant and can see your belly but others don't dare say anything yet.. People around you are probably wondering but don't want to stick their foot in their mouth! Don't worry your belly will pop out soon!


Jo - May 18

Lesley Ann, don't feel bad...at 16 weeks, I'm in the same boat. You can only tell I'm pg when I lie flat on my back (which obviously only husband and me see!). My advice, enjoy wearing normal clothes while you can. i am.


Julie - May 18

With my first about 5 1/2 months. This time I am all belly but it is still small but you can tell I am 19 weeks.


Jodie - May 18

With my first i was about 17 weeks before i started showing, now im on my third and started showing at about 8 weeks


jess - May 18

i am 18 weeks, and last week no one could really tell, but in the past week my tummy has really popped! growth spurt?? but now i am showing....kinda fyunny....but strangers would probably still second guess....


Lily - May 18

Hi Lesley. You shouldn't really fret too much about not showing. I'm a larger woman and 15 weeks pregnant, and it honestly don't look like I'm pregnant yet either. When you show, all depends on your body type. If you feel worried or concerned about it, perhaps talking to your OB will help calm your fears or concerns. Good Luck!


Jaime - May 18

i popped right out at about 12 weeks, this is my first child so everyone thought right away that i was having twins...well nope there is just one in there, im 23 weeks now and some what bigger of course, i guess everyone is just different


Kara - May 19

I am 22 weeks with my first baby, and only just started showing last couple of weeks, and even now, strangers wouldn't be sure unless i said something.


Audrea - May 19

I am 20 weeks and am not showing at all. My husband says if he did not see the ultrasound himself and see the baby that he would not believe I was really pregnant. I look just as I did before I got pregnant. I am 5 months now and want something to show for it. My family is starting to tell me there is something wrong because I am way too little to be that far along. I hate it when others put their nose in my business and make me feel worse as if there really is something wrong and I am too stupid to know or do anything about it. Do any of yall feel that way?or is it just me here going crazy?/


Lesley Ann - May 19

Thank you all so very much. You've made me feel much better. I know everything must be ok since I started feeling the little sweetie last week so I will just go with what everyone tells me (how lucky I am not to be too big yet) and enjoy the fact that I can still fit in most of my clothes. :) Thanks again.


umy - May 19

I am only 18 week and i am started showing about 3 week ago. i think it depends on your physical frame.


Babygirls1st - May 20

I am 24wks with first baby..I really started to show at around 19-20wks


Moe'sMom - May 20

I am at the end of my 18th week; I noticed a change at weeks 12-13, but I could still wear most of my clothes with no problem. at about 14 weeks I had to buy Maternity because it started to get out of control. Now, you can definitely see him and I can feel him too, every day. I just really think that he's going to be a big baby; this is my first. God's Blessings to you all!!



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