When Did The Morning Sickness Amp 1st Trimester Symptoms Subsi

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Lynn - April 27

Hi Ladies, When did you notice that your morning sickness and other symptoms had started to subside? Do you remember a "peak" in morning sickness and sore br___ts or did you just notic eone day you weren't sick any more?


Misty - April 27

My morning sicknes went away almost right at the 12-13 week mark. But I am only just really getting my energy back and I will be 16 weeks on Friday. Being pregnant just seemed to be so physically draining for me. I think the m/s gradually fades away for most people though. I have some friends that still have some days where they feel kind of nauseated, and they are farther along than I am.


Heidi - April 27

Mine seemed to really taper off around 10 weeks and it would come and go up till about 12 weeks and then after that I felt great and got my energy back. I'm almost 15 wks now. No more cravings and nausea! Nothing smells funny or tastes funny like before. Those were a miserable 9 weeks!


miranda - April 27

mine was horrible until about 12 weeks then it started to improve. I'm almost 20 weeks now and the nausea has been just about completely gone for a week or two. As for the b___sts, they only hurt more and more all the time.


KrisD - April 27

Mine was horrible till all the way through the 4th month. And then it was like someone flipped a switch and it was gone. I don't know how I made it!


Julie - April 27

I am 16 weeks and am still suffering on some days. It started getting better around week 14 but was worse from weeks 7-11.


Mimi - April 27

Morning sickness started around week 8 and I am 18 weeks now and it is not as bad as it was between 8 and 15. (No more vomiting at least) But I still get morning sickness throughout the day. Smells was the worst! Between 8 and about 15 weeks any kind of smell bothered me. The b___sts don't hurt any more but the nipples are painful.


D - April 27

Mine went away around 13 weeks.... I felt great for a couple days, and miserable ever since. Although, I don't think it is as bad as it was between weeks 6 and 13. I'm almost 16 weeks now...


Kara - April 27

Mine was bad 24 hrs a day from 6 - 10 weeks, then went away for a week, then came back off and on till 16 weeks. I am 19 weeks now and just feeling good again, my energy is back. It will end!


Melany - April 27

I had terrible headaches and nausia and one day i woke up and they just went away!!! About 10 weeks!


Amy - April 27

My sickness is now gone almost completely. I am almost 17 weeks. It finally went away between weeks 15 and 16. But now I have a constantly stuffy nose. It won't go away. But I will take a stuffy nose over a yucky tummy any day. Good luck


... - April 28

Mine went away around 15 weeks. So glad! Like above, I have a stuffy nose constantly, I can tolerate that too, much more than nausea.


Audrea - April 28

I am so glad for those of you who feel better. I am 16 weeks now and have had all day vomitting from week 7-15. This past week I have had only two days I did not vomit. I suppose it is getting better. Today is not one of the good ones. I only hope it does go away. My husband does not understand how miserable I am and says the world still turns even though I am sick all day. He also says we will never have any more children because "He" will not go through this again. Anyone have a great husband like mine. I have had to be hospitalized twice with M/S and poor him can't go through this again.


Ashleigh - May 9

Most of my crampy pains disappeared right around 10 weeks and the morning sickness (which i've gotten throughout the day since like week 3) is finally tapering off. My first pregnancy I barely had any bad symptoms from the begininng... but this baby has really made me exhausted, sore, and sooo hungry so far! Heading into week 12!


Jane - May 23

With my first pregnancy, my m/s disappeared completely at 13 weeks. With this pregnancy, my vomiting is so severe that I have been on medication for it. It helped for a few weeks, but now I am 19 weeks along and have been vomiting again at least once per day. I have an appointment today. I am really worried. Has anyone else had vomiting this late in pregnancy?


Heidi - May 23

Yikes! After reading these posts I think I got off really lucky. I was sick till about 12 wks and never threw up but just felt nauseated all the time and got headaches, tired, etc. Looks like it could have hung around longer than it did. I'm at 18 wks and have felt great the last few weeks now that the headaches quit.



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