When Did U Feel The Baby Move

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jen - April 24

I'm 12 weeks and this is my 2nd pregnancy. I forgot when i felt the baby move. Just curious


c - April 24

Between 16 to 18 weeks I think for most...depending on if it is your first pregnancy or not. I am 3 mths and can't wait to feel the baby!!


citrouille - April 25

I started to feel the baby moving at about 12 or 13 weeks.. This is my first and everyone was surprised that I was feeling the baby so early. I think it depends on each person.


m - April 25

I'm 17 weeks +1 and I THINK I am now beginning to feel movement : ) It feels like a "bump" and bit of b___terfly type feelings. I just had an U/S yesterday at the birthing center because I was afraid I was leaking fluid (worry wart) and baby was dancing all over the place, but I didn't feel it! So I don't know if I really AM feeling movement yet. Darn it ; ) But I'm expecting to feel them anytime now!!!!!!!!! I can't wait, because I remember how "groovy" it was when I was pregnant with my first dd, 15 years ago!


Jennifer - April 25

Everybody is different, but I was 12 weeks, this is my second pregnancy. They didn't get strong until about 18-20 weeks. I am now 27 weeks, and feeling them alot and all over the place.


Sam - April 25

This is my first. I'm 15 weeks and felt the first movement last Thursday.


ireland - May 1

i'm @ 22 weeks and am wondering if what i'm feeling is actually the baby. it's my first pregnancy so i'm not quite sure. i'm anxious to feel definate kicks. It surprized me when women mention movement around 14 weeks. i know he's fine through u/s but can't wait to KNOW.


Anna - July 12

I just felt my baby and I'm 12 weeks. This is my 3rd!


Animom - July 13

I felt my baby between 19 and 20 wks. This is my 2nd pregnancy (or 3rd if you count a m/c 2 yrs ago).


Cindy - July 13

I'm 22 weeks. Does the feeling of a huge 'worm-like squirm' inside count? lol. My first, so I am not sure! But I am sure it's not a bad stomach hahaha. I feel such an alien sometimes :p.



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