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Niki - April 11

When did you start feeling your baby move and kick. I am 18 weeks and a little worried because i have not felt anything.


EricaG - April 11

Hi Niki, Try not to worry about it right now. If this is your frist pregnancy it is normal not to feel anything until week 22! Personally, I have an active little girl and started feeling her strongly and often at 17 weeks. My doctor thought this was very strange because it's my first baby, but when we went in and had the ultrasound done at 21 weeks she was measuring one week bigger and my placenta is in the back, which makes it easier for me to feel movement . Some women don't feel their babies until much later than others for some reason. It might be another month before you feel yours (hopefully not, for your peace of mind, lol). But just be prepared to have to go a little longer without feeling it. No one's expecting you to feel it this early. Ask your doctor, I'm sure s/he'll put your mind at ease.


melle - April 11

I'm the same situation that you are in Niki. I'm a little over 16 weeks and I've been so focused on feeling the baby move that I wonder if the baby is not moving to spite me. I have heard that by this time in pregnancy the baby sleeps and is awake like a newborn 12 hours of each. So it is possible your baby is awake when you sleep and vice versa. This is also my first pregnancy and I'm just hanging tight.


Evonna - April 11

I started to feel my baby kick at 19 weeks. She is a kicker alright. I'm 23 weeks now and she is still kicking her way out of me, lol.


mommie2be - April 11

Hey Niki, this is my first pregnancy and it wasn't until 20 weeks that I "thought" I was feeling my first movement. I'm now 22 and am certain these are the movements (quickenings). My doctor advised me not to worry when I was in about the same week as you and told me it could be as far as 22-23 weeks.



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