When Did You Feel Baby Starting To Move

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MelanieC - April 3

I'm at 16 weeks today, and when i went last week for my monthly checkup, the nurse asked me if i had started feeling baby moving around, i told her no and she said it shouldn't be long now... and other mommies i've spoken to say some felt it around 14-15 weeks, some around week 20+.... and some say it's like butterflies in your stomach, others told me it feels like having cramps... haha.. this is so confusing... what did you ladies feel at the beginning, and around what week was this?


mom_of_1 - April 3

With my first I didnt feel really anything til about 15-16 weeks and that was just the b___terfly feelings. Then I think I was about 19-20 weeks when I could really tell. Everyone is different! With this pregnancy I started feeling things early like 12.5 weeks. Now at 23.5 weeks I can feel everything, and my Hubby can feel it already too.


ejmeskan - April 3

That's right...all is different...with my first I felt a JOLT of a kick at 17 weeks!! But I didn't experience any b___terflies or flutters at all...most women say they experience that...mom_of_1 that makes me feel better because I am 12 weeks and I SWEAR I have felt this little bean tap a few times but I felt like it was to early! Although I do know they say you feel it earlier with the second. Melanie...some girls don't feel it until they are 20-22 weeks. I think it just depends!


mjvdec01 - April 3

With our first I felt movement at 22 weeks and with this pregnancy I felt the baby moving at 15 weeks. I think it is because with subsequent pregnancies you know what to look for. For me it feels like a muscle twitch from inside, then as the weeks progress it starts to feel like actual kicks and jabs. You'll feel the baby soon.


julepowers - April 3

i felt the baby move around 16 weeks. This is my first and I think for a week or so I had no idea that what I was feeling was the baby. It really feels like b___terflies or pressure of some sort. Once you feel it more regularly, you begin to realize it's the baby. I'm 19 weeks now, but I have felt nothing more than b___terflies or slight, slight movement from time to time. nothing major yet, but I'm waiting!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 3

I was 17w with DD and it was after buffalo wings lol...this time I feel something, but I just won't yet say its the baby. I am 16w 3d and have yet to tell. I go off the actual kick feeling, I knew once I felt it, best way to describe it is the popcorn effect. Its like you are making popcorn lol


bellybubble - April 3

Ha ha It is confusing because sometimes you feel things and your not even sure what it is! I am 21 weeks 3 days and feel movement every day now - but my hubby cant. My movement is kinda like little taps from the inside - or like something "popping" in there? Its hard to explain - just lately I have gotten a few big ones which was cool. I didnt really start to feel anything until about 18 or 19 weeks - this is my first so I wasnt sure what to wait for? I only ever got one "b___terfly" feeling and then just taps o or like Nerdy Girl said - POPCORN - thats exactly how it feels - like popping corn in your belly haha.


Klasnaya - April 3

At 13 weeks and i couldnt believe it!


BeckyBunny - April 4

I felt mine for the first time yesterday and again today, I am 12w6d. Feels like tapping from the inside or popcorn popping, or like mjvdec said, almost like a muscle twitch from the inside.


happytobemommy - April 5

This is my first baby and I am 18weeks and 4 days. I felt the baby and about 16 weeks. I think it feels like someone tapping their fingers over and over again but inside my stomach. I sometimes feel the baby when I am sitting in a weird position or when I am laying down. I thought at first it was just gas but it is the same feeling almost every day now.


MissP - April 5

Hi ladies, im 14wks and ive been feeling the b___terflies for the past 4 or 5 days but just decided it must be the baby. At first i thought it must be gas or something, but then ive just had a 24 hr bug and realised no - the gas pain is somewhere entirely different and so is the stomach cramps. This fluttery feeling must be the baby. Im so suprised as this is my first and didnt expect to be able to feel it early - but i guess it must be possible if a few of you are too! Congrats to everyone by the way!!x x


MandaMariiex3 - April 6

im 15 wks today and i have been feeling like i have sevre b___terflies almost till the point were it makes me feel like i have to pee...expescially after i eat or drink something with sugar!


alirenee86 - April 6

Hi Melanie- I'm 14 weeks and haven't felt the baby at all. Didn't feel any movements at all with my first either until way later on and I knew it for sure when I did! I think it wasn't until around the 23rd week or so that I felt it last time. You will definately know, that's all I can say!!


MelanieC - April 15

thanks guys, i've been starting to feel some poking, which is really weird, but i never know if it's the baby, or something else, but i must say i never something like that before... happens a lot when i'm laying down or sitting, really weird... like i explained to my hubby, like someone poking me in the belly... fun stuff being pregnant :D


red87 - April 15

Im sure it is your baby you are feeling! Thats exciting. Im 28 weeks now but when I first started feeling her I was about 19 weeks. I never really felt the flutters or the b___terflies like most ladies describe. To me it felt more like a muscle spasm lol or just like something is in there poking around. It feels even crazier now when she rolls around, my whole belly shifts and moves. It's a cool experience! :o)


Patience2008 - April 16

With my first I did not for sure feel him move until 21 weeks but realized I had been feeling the baby since about 18 weeks. I just didnt know it was the baby. There will be a couple weeks where you are like....maybe...but then there will be a day where you definitely know its your baby!


bella24 - April 21

Hi, I am 14w4d and I have definitely felt mvmt since about 12 weeks. This is my first but I am really intuned to my body. I also learned to recognize movement while I was having and U/S the baby kicked back and I felt it. It feels like a funny popping or flutters.



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