When Did You First Feel The Baby Move

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Newhoneybuns - May 17

Just wondering when did most of you first felt the baby move ? As of for me i'm 18 weeks pregnant and last week i think i felt it move cause it felt really strange in my belly but good at the same time. But i did not feel anything else since . I'm just wondering cause this is my first pregnancy and this is all new to me hehe. Thanks in advance for the ones that will respond to this :)


SuzieQ - May 17

I started feeling mine around 17weeks, but wasn't really sure if that was it or not. I'm 20 wks now and have been feeling good solid "thunks" from my tummy for almost two weeks now :) This is my first, so I"m excited I could feel them this early.


Ddvinson3 - May 17

I am 21 weeks now and just started really feeling hard kicks and punches. And I can now see my tummy move when he does this. So give it time. You will feel flutters for a while but it may take some weeks to start feeling kicks and such. Good Luck!


jenrodel - May 17

I felt really small flutters at around 17 weeks, and now at 20 weeks have been feeling harder kicks and punches for the past week or so. Also more often... I can actually tell when the baby is awake / asleep because of all of the movement. Yesterday there were 5 or 6 periods of movement throughout the day. It is really amazing!


Newhoneybuns - May 17

Thanks girls and sure am looking foward to more movement :)


divinelibra - May 17

i started feeling it about 15/16 weeks. i think i'm farther along though. even my specialist says my baby is ahead of schedule. it gets harder and harder though. its awesome. my friend though didnt start feeling anything until about 18 weeks. so, get ready, its coming!


GraceRenee - May 17

I started "wondering" if that was movement between 15 and 16 weeks. Between 16 and 17 weeks I was sure it was, but didn't feel it very often. Now between 17 and 18 weeks, I feel quite a bit of movement every day... usually morning and night when I am lying in bed. I can't believe how early I can feel regular daily movement.... afraid this baby is going to be a wild child!


ThePezChick - May 17

I didn't know for sure I was feeling my little one until Mother's Day... the middle of my 19th week. Seems I've felt him a tad each day, but not much. Today, one day shy of 20 weeks, I felt him the most. Twice during school today I felt him punching around in there. Like most of the women on here, I feel him when I lie down at night. I think he's telling me to get up and walk around some more. He likes the rocking motion.


emilymalm - May 17

I'm 18 weeks and have been feeling little nudges for over week. I'm not sure if I feel flutters or not. I keep thinking they're gas, but the nudges can't be anything but baby. I had an ultrasound a couple of days ago and he kept kicking at the probe.


yourtrish - May 18

I definetely felt my baby at 18.5 weeks. I was confused as to what it was, and the best way to describe it was the traditional word used "flutters", but by 19 weeks I was sure. Now at 24 weeks, she's kicking up a storm and my husband can finally feel her. I must say, you never really get used to the hard karate kicks down low! But it's a real pleasure to know that she's active and growing strong!


Trish# - May 18

I was certain of movement at 21.5 weeks. I was getting worried that I hadn't felt her by then but all is well now!! She's one busy girl!!


Kim L - May 18

I'm with the 15/16 weeks gals - that's when I suspected I could possibly be feeling baby but it was too subtle to know for sure. At 19 weeks I was feeling taps and nudges, and this week at 20 weeks, the pokes are becoming more obvious, though it's not all day long. This is the most fun time in pregnancy for me so far!


CamysMama - May 19

I was in my 20th week when I was first certain that I felt Camryn move (I'm in my 23rd week now) and I'll never forget it! I was lying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep. It started with a few taps, and I was thinking "was that Camy, or a muscle spasm?" and then she did this sumersault that was so strong it startled me! I immediately jumped out of bed and rushed into the livingroom, where Camy's daddy was, and said "I just felt her move!!!" he was so excited, but also kind of jealous because he wanted to feel it, too. It wasn't until this week that he finally felt her kick, because everytime he would put his hand on my belly, she would stop moving around. Now whenever we go in to see the doctor and she listens to Camryn's heart, she always says, "Wow, she's a sqirmer!"


littlemama1022 - May 19

It was around 16-17 weeks, I am now 26 weeks and I feel hardcore kicks in there now.


mandee25 - May 20

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I wonder sometimes if it's just gas but something is different in there for sure. Maybe it's all in my head or maybe I am farther along but I thought I have felt something, although very subtle, in the past week or so. Could that be possible?


Newhoneybuns - May 20

Now i am positive at 100 % that what i felt a week or so ago it was the baby moving cause it's been happening more and more often. I don't quite feel it every single day yet (well for the last 2 days i have) but it's not often but i know it is the baby moving. It just brings a smile to my face every time it happens :) So i guess soon will come the kick and the punches !


ThePezChick - May 20

I don't feel Zeb moving a lot throughout the day either. They're mostly little taps and an oca__sional one that's a slight kick. I'm 20 weeks now and mostly feel him at night or when I sit for longer periods of time. Looks like you're feeling your sweet little one earlier than I did. It always makes me smile too!



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