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susie - June 21

started buying baby clothes and all the baby stuff? Im going to put a deposit on my Cot and Pram on Saturday but i havent started buying anything else yet, i was going to start after i find out the s_x of the baby which is next week when ill be 21weeks is this too early??? please give your advice love susie xxxx


Christy - June 21

I'm 19 weeks and I already bought some clothes and I'm going to get a crib this weekend. We are past the anything can still happen stage so I think that the better prepared we get now the less to do later? Right? If you spend a little here and a little there it also seems like a lot less in the end!


Sandra - June 21

When buying clothes just keep in mind the size as when the baby is born it will be a different season from the stuff that is currently in the shops.


Not to soon!!! - June 22

No, I don't believe it is too soon to start buying that stuff. You never know what can happen and as Christy said, less to do later. One thing to keep in mind about clothes also - don't wash them all right away and keep the receipts. Your baby may be small and never wear the outfits you buy because the seasons may change before they get to wear them.


Lynn - June 22

I agree, definitely not too soon to start shopping. Anything can happen from here on out too, you could have to go on bestrest or have the baby a little early. I am due at the end of november and want everything pretty much done by the end of september just in case (I also have high blood pressure too though which increases my chance of bedrest & premature birth). Plus, the earlier you start the less $$ you have to shell out all at once. i think it's easier to shop for a few things here and there then to go over a weekend and spend like $1000.


Lesley Ann - June 22

It's not too soon. Have fun!! I started buying stuff around that time too and some superst_tious people told me that I shouldn't because it's bad luck and I could go into preterm labor or something. So I just tell them that if anything happens, I definitely want children so i'll have all the nice stuff for the next one. That usually shuts them up. As if buying things for the baby is the reason something bad would happen. Some people are just too old fashioned and maybe just crazy hehe.


mom2be - June 22

I already have some things from my last baby. But I'm also dying to go shopping for baby clothes and stuff. I don't even really like shopping! I'd also like to buy diapers ahead of time. But I'm not sure what sizes. My relatives are already talking about giving me a baby shower so I don't want to overdo it and end up with some of the same stuff or too many of one item.


Kim - June 22

It's not too soon at all. In fact, we just ordered our crib and baby furniture and there is a 12 week wait for it to come in and so for some things, the sooner you order the better. Have fun!



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