When Did You Start Buying Baby Stuff

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kessa - September 28

I am 19 weeks and am worried about buying things to early, but my husband wants to start now. When do you think is the best time to start.


Jess - September 28

I too am 19 weeks going on 20 and I have bought little things here and there. I find out the s_x of the baby next week and I might go out and buy a few more things so I think its fine. I would wait until your baby shower to get most of the things you need but shopping for a few things now for your baby is fun! Enjoy!


Ca__sie - September 28

I'm 29 weeks and we just bought the crib last week. We haven't bought anything else for her. We'll wait until we have the shower and buy whatever else we need after that. A little toy here, or a little outfit here is always fun to buy early on though. :-)


MJM - September 28

I started shopping the day that I found out that we were having a boy. I was 18 wks. But unis_x type things like crib, stroller car seat yada yada you can get now. I figured that before the shower I will let everyone know what I need or they can do target or walmart gift cards. I would rather buy little by little so I dont feel overwhelmed near the end. I waited with my daughter and it was the worse thing I ever did.


Kaeli - September 28

Buy little things here and there now... But wait til after your shower so you can figuire out what else you need.


kr - September 28

We've been buying the bigger stuff since 18th week. We figured that we should get the brand /type stroller, crib, etc. we like and let the shower and relatives take care of clothing and smaller things. Make sure you keep your receipts in case you get doubles. I tape mine to the bottom of items.


Brooke - September 28

I started buying things right away, and when I found out it was a girl, I went nuts!


Lisa - September 28

On the day I found out! But I have not been buying a whole lot as I want to see what I get from my baby shower.


Bonnie - September 28

I'm 23 weeks and have quite a lot. I'm not usually into second hand stores, but tehre is a palce down the road from me that has a .25 cent sale every month and so many of the items look trendy and brand new that I couldn't resist. I've come home with 2 garbage bags full over the past 2 months, lol.


BB - September 29

I'm 24 wks and I've been doing a lot of window shopping, but the only thing I've actually bought was the "Baby Einstein" DVD collection for newborns and todlers (it was on sale). Now If I know the gender of this baby I might go crazy in the mall, but since I don't (baby wasn't cooperating the day of the ultra sound), I guess I'll have to hold off on all the cute outfits till the baby's here.


Hanna - September 29

I will be 24 weeks tomorrow and so far we have bought a stroller (to celebrate I pa__sed the the 12-week mark..)and some clothing. We don't need much as we can use a lot of stuff that is already in the family. For instance, our baby will sleep in the crib me and my sister (and her kids) used to sleep in! (I am excited about that.. and it is such a beautiful crib!).



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