When Did You Start Buying Things For Baby

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ella431 - October 28

Im coming into my 24th week, and still have nothing for baby! Im starting to freak out over the fact that I have nothing. When did you all start buying the things you needed? Perhaps I should push the boyfriend into getting a few things now, I hate doing everything last minute!


ROBYN - October 28

We are 22 weeks today and just finished registering today we started last week and are finally done. We ordered our furniture several weeks back it finally came in this week and they are delivering it next week. We also painted the nursery this weekend. Youre at a good time to start preparing.


Cevvin - October 29

I waited til after my baby shower which was one month before i had my daughter. I had a lot of stuff registered and alot of people invited to the shower so we waited til last minute almost to get everything ha ha.


Chris1975 - October 29

Hey there...im 21 weeks and just bought all my nursery stuff in past 2 weeks. I have to wait up to 8 weeks for some of the stuff i want, so glad i ordered and bought it now...also, didnt want to risk being on bedrest or something in last stages of pregnancy, and not being able to enjoy or partake in the experience. Im so looking forward to setting up the nursery , and that still wont be for another 6 weeks! And then it gives me time to organise what clothes and little things i need...or give out lists to friends for christmas presents I want! LOL


duckiec - October 29

Howdy- 23 weeks, and I've bought nothing. Some friends/family have bought or given us stuff- so we have a glider and a few small things, but thats about it. I've heard nothing about anybody doing a shower for me, so hopefully I won't be at the baby store at the last minute!


cayingo - October 30

With my first baby we procrastinated with the room and were surprised to go into labor at 36w w/ nothing ready. I had made purchases and had 3 baby showers already, but nothing was "ready" for her ot come home. I though I had more time. This time around I have already bought some stuff (it's a boy this time), friends have given things, and I am going to get the nursery set up during my Christmas break. I'll be about 28 weeks. I want to be totally ready in case of any more surprises! Plus I have the energy to do it all now and that won't be the case late in the 3rd tri.


mama keya - October 30

I'm in week 18 and we already brought the crib, stroller, Car seat, and play pen, we started around the 1st of Oct.


cfuller - October 30

I am 28 weeks and so far we haven't bought anything for the baby yet. We've had stuff given to us from other people so we a car seat, stroller, some clothes, toys, blankets a pack & play, one of those little bounce toy things. We have yet to get a crib or a high chair or a swing yet. I also stil need to buy bottles and all the other essentials. I did buy some diapers but that's about it. My dh wants to wait until after my baby shower (which is next thursday) and after Christmas to buy anything incase we get stuff from family. I want to have everything before she is born and have it ready for her. I'm due January 24th but I jst have this feeling that I'll have her on the 11th. Doesn't give us much time after Christmas to get ready!


ella431 - October 31

cfuller- I know how you feel! My boyfriend wants to wait until after christmas to buy stuff because he wants to see what we get. Of course Id rather get everything now to get it over with, but noo not happening! im due the end of feb so hopefuly after xmas we will finally get everything!


katie99 - November 14

I am 25 weeks with my second and have already started buying stuff. I haven't done the diapers, wipes, toiletries, colic drops, b___st pads, maternity pads and that type of stuff, but hey, if push comes to shove dh or a friend could always get it if baby comes early. I still need some clothes and a few odds and ends, but will be OK if she comes earlier. A bit of advice from my previous pg - I went into labour at 29 weeks. It was successfully suppressed, but I was on bedrest. We didn't have anaything and dh had to do the shopping. I feel kind of cheated, as I would really have loved doing the shopping with him. Plus when I was 36 weeks and decided to get up for short trips, I found that I was too uncomfortable and didn't really have the energy for shopping trips. Therefore the 2nd trimester is the best time to shop. If you are finding out what the gender is, I'd be running to the shops short after!


Gemini_Girl - November 15

erm me either and im 28wks, I know how you feel, im gonna try and get xmas out of the way before buying things, so far the baby has a moses basket and some blankets,and I have my pram picked out but Im not getting it till Jan but I have no baby clothes or anything like that - I dont know the s_x which makes buying stuff a little harder (well thats my excuse) I look but just dont seem to buy! Im sure there will be plenty of time in January for shopping, you'll be fine :)


cattac - November 16

I am almost 21 weeks (third preg but first girl) and have all the furniture but have not really started buying girlie things yet. I feel like I need to wait until I'm almost in my third tri or at least until week 24. I'll probably go crazy right around then! We will be broke! I know it took a loooong time to get our crib though so order WELL in advance- over 12 weeks in advance. We ordered ours in August, baby came in late October and got our crib FINALLY in January.


ashley.xoxo - November 18

I think you're fine now starting. I am going to wait to get anything else until after my showers(a few people are throwing them) but I have my crib set up already, lol(my mom got one from a friend who have a 2 year old who just got out of it and wanted to put it up right away) it doesn't have a mattress yet though. I'm not registering for that so I'm not sure when we will get it but it'll prolly be near the end of second tri begining of third so about here you are.



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