When Did You Start To Look Pregnant

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JK - October 9

Ok, so I am in my 12th week now and have heard some people say you can start to feel your uterus pop out above your pubic bone. I don't feel a think, when did everyone start to notice yourself that you are pregnant?


Emy - October 9

When I first started to notice I was 16 weeks. When other people started noticing was closer to 20. It is different for everyone though so don't get discouraged! I am pet_te so it was evident by 5 months that my stomach was pooching out.


Terra - October 9

you will usually after the 16th week the baby like Doubles is size, and you will Definately be showing then, I'm just at 15 wks, and just starting to a little bit, no huge pouch, it's just pushing everything out, and is still soft, but it will fill itself out soon.


Holly - October 9

I am 18.5 weeks and not showing yet. It really depends on your body. I am really pet_te also so it's not evident I am pregnant at all.


Allie - October 10

I'm 14 weeks and have already pop out, since week 12. I went to my first prenatal cla__s and the girl next to me was 18 weeks and wearing regular t-shirt and jeans!!!, she looked skinny and no belly at all. I don't now why is different for everybody. I don't know if it might be that I'm bloated since I normally get very bloated with the AF hormonal changes.


wondering - October 10

Hey JK I posted a similar question on the first trimester board a while ago. I was concerned because I couldn't feel my uterus yet and everything I read says you could feel it above your pubic bone at around 12 weeks. Well I had my dr appointment this past Friday and my dr said that at this point it's still so far down that you can't feel anything yet. I was 13 weeks at that time. She said by 16 or 17 weeks your uterus should be about halfway to your belly b___ton, and by 20 weeks the top of your uterus will be at your belly b___ton. I am not showing from my uterus yet, the only showing I am doing is from other things being pushed up and out, and bloating.


*Samantha* - October 10

Hey! I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and I have really popped out over the past 3 weeks or so! I went from wearing my regular jeans to wearing maternity XS in 3 weeks! Lol. Its cute though, becuase I am real small too.


Cathy - October 10

I am 16 weeks and really showing. It's all in the belly but not really firm yet. Allie, you have already started taking prenatal cla__ses? My doctor hasn't said a word about them yet. What kind of cla__ses?


Heather - October 10

Allie - I was exactly like you, I had to wear maternity clothes at 12 weeks and now at 14 weeks even strangers ask me when the baby is due, the doctor says its because I have a large uterus. Everyone is different, as long as your doing ok noone shoul dbe worried about showing, the baby will show when its ready!



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