When Did Your Belly Pop Out

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J - November 27

Im 15 weeks and look chubby around the middle. I cant wait until my belly finally gets big enough to look like Im pregnant! I have heard women say their bellies just popped out almost overnight and was wondering when it has happened to everyone!!


Shawna E. - November 27

Right at 20 weeks, when my uterus came up behind my navel. Before that, it seemed like I had a "lower pooch" (which was where the baby was) and an "upper pooch" (where my fat roll and displaced organs were), and the day that my uterus came up beneath that upper area, my belly popped out. Suddenly I looked pregnant! I was so happy that day, and still am!


Jill - November 28

Around 16 weeks I looked pregnant wearing a tight top. But now at 18 weeks, as my uterus is approaching my navel, it's popping more. I think it's because it's more rounding. Unless you are super skinny, most women have a "dent" where their navel is (seperating rolls of fat). So what Shawna was saying makes sense to me, once the uterus reaches that area your belly will start to round out (depending on how much chunck is there to begin with!) My sis in law is pretty chunky and she did not show till 7 months! I myself was at the upper end of the normal weight range ( 5 foot 5 and 148 lbs).


J - November 29

Thank you for your responses! I cant wait until my uterus reaches that point!


Mich - November 29

i am 23 and a half weeks and i still havent popped! i am not fat or over weight but i definately would not say i am skinny. i cant wait till i pop out because right now i just feel fat and frumpy. like i cant fit into normal clothes but look stupid in maternity clothes without a bump!


to J - November 29

Seriously, I'm two days from twenty weeks, & I think my belly has finally "popped"... it still doesn't look huge, but it's suddenly very tight & more rounded & I've actually gained five pounds in the past week (and not just from Thanksgiving either), whereas I only gained two pounds up 'til now. It's wild!



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