When Did Your Belly Pop Out

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Dianne - December 29

I am 17 weeks pregnant, and my belly does not look pregnant. Its slightly bigger, but does NOT look pregnant. I am just wondering when most women (with their first pregnancy) have their tummy show?


Nicole - December 29

at 20 weeks I looked pregnant...finally. I saw my sister at Thanksgiving and she said I don't look pregnant..I was 18 weeks. Two weeks later I saw her again and she said where did that come from. I am 23 weeks now and people are asking me when I am due. It is nice.


Prissanna - December 29

With my first one I was 5 months before I needed maternity clothes. With this one I'm going to need them at about 4 months. I don't remember "popping" out all of the sudden though.


N - December 29

I am 15 weeks and in maternity clothes. My belly started being noticeable to me very early - maybe 10 weeks. But now i think it is becoming more noticeable to others.


Michelle - December 29

This is my first, I started a little belly around 16w. Now I am 19w1d and wow! from christmas just to now I look pregnant. I just popped right out. I also have a small frame. i love it though. I also just started to feel baby kick. Its a great feeling. Good luck


Stephanie - December 29

Hi Dianne! I am also 17 weeks PG with my first and hardly showing. I, myself, can tell a difference, but the average Joe would have no clue! I'm sure we will pop out soon! Did you have an u/s yet, and have you felt the baby move? I have been feeling the baby move for about a week now and go in for an u/s tomorrow! Hopefully we will find out the gender! Keep us updated on your belly! Good Luck!


Layla - December 29

I'm 17 wks with my second and expected to show earlier than the last time but not showing yet. Actually, I weighed more by this point with my first. I started showing at about 20 weeks with my first and I guess I will this time around as well.


a bird - December 29

I'm 24 weeks along tomorrow, first baby, & my belly popped out noticeably at around week 18 or 19, & it's been growing exponentially since. Everyone can tell I'm preggo now without me saying a word. But every pregnant woman is different. With the big belly comes the nice attention, but also a feeling like I need to pee constantly, a slightly harder time getting around, & having to wear these d__n ugly maternity clothes! lol


Shawna - December 29

As soon as my uterus hit my navel, that is when I "popped." (Woops, I almost wrote "pooped"!) Until then I didn't look pregnant to anyone but my mother and husband. I felt the hardness of my lower abdomen, where my uterus was, but there was a crease between it and my stomach. I kept thinking that when my uterus would get to the height of my fat roll, I would finally show! Then, one day, at right around 20 weeks, there was a noticable belly! Yay! I've been waiting to "show" for seven years of trying for a child! I'm now 27 weeks, and it is obvious to all. It does vary from person to person, however. And, try to ignore all of those huge belly pics at some pregnancy websites... they are very discouraging and set unrealistic expectations for those of us who don't show immediately. Remember, those women posted their belly pics BECAUSE they were showing, after all... but we don't see the thousands of women who AREN'T showing yet (which I think is much more common).


Joanne - December 30

I popped around 20 weeks, as well. What I DON'T like popping too, however, is my rear end, haha! I wish it and my thighs would quit popping and only my belly would!!!


Amanda R - December 31

LOL Joanne!! That's all mine is doing too!! It will be nice when that belly starts to sort of 'overshadow' the big b___t and thighs. This is the 1st Grandbaby on both sides so the "moms" keep trying to buy maternity stuff for me that I can't even begin to fill out yet. The shirts are the worst...I look like I am wearing a tent and my head is the pole!!! I am almost 19 weeks so hopefully this belly will "pop" out there enough to wear the maternity tops. Hey, here's a design idea...why not make maternity shirts that are DESIGNED for the sticky second trimester??! Make the tummy pockets smaller please!


Honey Bee - December 31

I popped just recently, Im 26 weeks and just in the past weeks I have my little basketball, its nice. Some days you look bigger then on other days depending what you wear.


Renee - December 31

I couldn't wear my regular jeans anymore around my 14th week. I got away with it for that long because most of my pants (JEANS) were low riders and didn't interfere with my expanding waistline. Nonetheless even though I had started wearing maternity pants around my 14th week, my belly really popped recently and I've just entered my 17th week.


katie - December 31

Im 22 weeks and I think I am showing but my soon to be mother in law insists on telling everyone how much I dont look prego which is ok but can be annoying. My belly b___ton is completley popped out it's crazy.


tell ya what - December 31

Everyone always has SOMETHING to say. No matter how big or small you are, no matter what week you're in. Some have said to me that I look small, some can't believe it'll be all the way in April 'til I have a baby. It's all ignorance, for keeping a mouth shut is probably the wisest.


miraclebaby - January 11

I did not show till 5mths with my first baby, second one I started showing at 13 weeks


N - January 12

Mine was showing to me since about 10 weeks. Others just started mentioning it this week, at 16 weeks. It's getting rounder instead of just fat looking, I think!



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