When Did Your Husband Boyfriend First Feel The Baby Move

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Jennifer - March 17

I am now 21 weeks pregnant, and I can feel the baby moving, but if me or my husband touch my belly, it stops. Just wondering when everyones husbands/boyfriends felt the baby move.


BBK - March 17

My girl does the same thing, only when I touch her though, but she keeps moving for my wife. She's already toying with me! LOL Yesterday though I caught a kick since she was dancing to cla__sical music..... we're at 22.5 weeks.


jen - March 19

my husband felt the first kick at around 19 1/2 weeks, but i started feeling them properly at around 15 weeks this time. he kept getting bored of waiting with his hand there going numb! forced him to persevere as i was desperate for him to experience it to and it paid off. gave him a proper whallop tonight and i am 20 + 5 weeks, gets stronger every day. he will feel it before you know it.


Nicole - September 7

I'm 21 weeks and my husband hasn't been able to feel the baby moving yet. I feel her all of the time!


megan - September 8

i started to feel the baby move at 18 week but now that im 22 weeks the baby kicked for the first time.


Linda - September 9

Yeah Jennifer, I know what you mean.. I've started my 23rd week today. Hi there =) For me, it seems whenever i'm alone, be it touching, humming, or talking to my lil one, she doesn't stop moving. But as soon as I call for my husband to come see the obvious jerks on my tummy, it stops! I been feelin she knows and daddy doesn't get to see so much of the action as me. My case, my husband was able to feel those mini nudges when I was 17weeks. ( I know its kindda early) This is my 1st baby. Hold on till bout 22 or 23week. Their punches will be quite solid by this time. (like for me now!) you husband should be able to see it too!


BA - September 9

OMG SAME HERE my baby could be kicking up a storm with no intention of stopping but as soon as sombody puts their hand to feel the baby she stops!! how do they know? I have tried every thing! LOL


Linda to BA - September 10

=) chuckle *v* chuckles. yup!


B - September 10

My husband just felt it last night. ( after much patience). Just one little flutter. I am 17 weeks.


Mel - September 11

Has anyone found anything that helps your baby to move around a bit more? Certain music? Foods? etc. At the moment I'm only 15 weeks, and don't expect to feel any kicking for at least another month, but I'm just thinking for the near future.


Hanna - September 11

Our baby seems to move most when I am not active, but when I am sitting on the couch or in bed. My bf could feel the baby when I was 20 weeks. Now I am 21 weeks and he has felt him a lot. At least once every day. Today my sister felt our baby move too! She loved it!


cj - September 13

I am 20.5 wks and last night I felt the first real kicks. It was such a big thump that it made me jump! Daddy was jeleous so he held his hand on my tummy for like 10 min. until suddenly there was this big kick and we both gasped. He felt it really easily. It was so exciting for both of us. It's such a neat experience!!!


vander - September 13

The first time I felt the baby move was at 17 weeks 5 days. My husband was away on business and just got back yesterday, 19 weeks. I immediately wanted him to try to feel the baby kick. Lucky for us, the baby was being very active and kicked HARD right when he put his hand on my tummy. I've also found that the baby gets active once I take a break and sit down. My friend says I spend the whole day "rocking the baby to sleep" while walking around, and once I stop it gives some kicks to let me know it is awake!


Emma - September 14

i'm now nearlly 23 weeks and my boyfriend felt bub kick only a couple of weeks ago! i felt little fluttering for the first time and then she gave a huge kick as soon as i but his hand there to feel it, he thought it was amazing, after that she hasnt really kicked much when we put our hands there to feel


Stefanie - September 14

I didn't feel the baby move until I was almost 19 weeks, tomorrow I will be 24 weeks and my fiancee finally felt the baby move last night he was so excited he was getting so frustrated because I would feel the baby and be like you don' t feel that so it was really cool.... I am due on January 6th with a boy and it's my first



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