When Did Your Lil Bean BUMP

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Sovi - January 22

I'm going to be 15 weeks this coming Wednesday and I have no physical confirmation of this pregnancy. I can't tell I have a baby in there until I feel right above my pubic bone...where it's hard. That's about it. But I'm not round. Well, I'm not round meaning I don't have a bump, because apparently I'm getting round in other places, lol, such as my face. I've gained a few pounds and it is very obvious to people around me. They suspect something such as weight gain, but that's all. I would like to know with your first pregnancy when did your little bean officially bump? This is my first pregnancy, and right before I got pregnant I weighed 147 and last I checked I was 152, and that was in December. I know this could be part of the reason why. Ladies?


sarahd - January 22

I'm 21w1d pregnant with my first, and I felt some extremely light bumps around 16 1/2 weeks, but wasn't sure of them until after 17weeks. According to my doc that was very early for a first pregnancy (my sis felt her first kicks with her daughter at 20w).


sarahsteele - January 22

i too felt some light movements at around 14/15 weeks and this is my 1st pregnancy.. my midwife said this was way too early and it was probably something else.. until i had my 18 week ultrasound and my little boy wouldnt sit still for 2 seconds.. she then agreed that it was the baby i was feeling.. thats a long story .. i couldnt just said 14 weeks.. hah sorry!! oh yeah and im 20w1d and feeling him ALOT now..


jessicaspatherapist - January 22

i believe she is asking about your "bump" meaning belly...when did you get a baby bump? i'm starting to get a small one sovi and i'm 13.5 weeks although no one can tell but me and my dh. and i've gained about 4 pounds.


britt_m - January 22

I have a barely visiable bump. Just looks like I'm a lil tubby to others. I've gained 3 lbs, I'll be 20 weeks on Wed.


MNMOM - January 23

I'm almost 18 weeks and just starting to get a bump but just still look "tubby" too, not cute and preggo. I have gained 6 pounds. I am just starting to feel some flutters.


IrinaZ - January 23

I felt some ticking at the bottom of my stomach around 16,5 weeks. Then, at 18w2d I really felt the baby move and kick. For a longest time I was afraid that I would not recognize it, but once it happened I knew exactly what it was. It really feels like nothing else I've ever felt. My bump poped all of the sudden in the last week and a half. Now I really look pregant, not fat. Oh, Sovi - I think I am about your weight ( I am 5'6'')


dot - January 23

my bump only appeared at 5 monts thats 20 weeks or so


ejmeskan - January 25

I am now 24 weeks. I hadn't gain a pound until 19 weeks (I have now gained 11!!! nice!) I still didn't have much of a bump until 20 weeks. But I finally just "popped" last week. I was on a business trip last week where my client didn't know I was pregnant, and they didn't have a clue when I was down there. It just all depends on your body. I am 5-10 so I think my weight is being disbrused throughout my body. Although recently I just feel like a big cow with a really hairy belly! ha!


blackbeauty5037 - January 27

14 weeks



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