When Did Your Morning Sickness End

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Perl - April 26

I'm still in my 1st Trimester but I thought I'd ask you ladies who are further along into pregnancy about this. I'm in my 10th week and not feeling morning sickness so much anymore. I feel it a little after I wake up. Is this about the right time for morning sickness to end? When (which week) did your morning sickness stop?


stormy - April 26

um 19 weeks today and still suffering it!!! i had it bad with my son too but it didnt last this long!!!! usually by 12 weeks its gone but can last til 14 and up.... lucky u ifi ts going!


emilymalm - April 26

I'm 15 wks and mine started to get better in my 11th week and was gone by 13 weeks. I had all-day sickness that started in my 4th week so I was glad to see it go.


Tanya2 - April 26

Everyone is different. Mine ended at around 14 weeks with both pregnancies. I have had friends who have had it through their entire pregnancy, until the baby was born. It is hard to answer your question, if it is reducing then it should be almost gone for you. good luck.


ThePezChick - April 26

Mine ended around the same time as yours. Man was I happy!


Perl - April 27

I spoke too soon. This morning the sickness hit me again & I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. and ask my husband to go get me my yogurt. Of course, I know it's different for everyone I just wanted to take a poll and see what the norm is or what is happening with the women on this board. I hope I'm not one of those unlucky ones who has it all throughout pregnancy--that would be a drag. Thanks ladies and good luck with your pregnancies.


Ddvinson3 - April 27

I stopped around the beginning of my 2nd trimester. So around 13 weeks.


Taffy - April 27

Perl, at 11 weeks I noticed that ms was becoming less frequent (so long as I ate often) and by 13 weeks it was pretty much gone. I'm 16 weeks now and have had one episode of nausea but I think that was due to what I ate. Good luck, it seems like you're just about done with it.


pari - April 27

i am 13 w 4 d and i had all day sickness starting from the 6 week or so.I lost arnd 8 lbs so doctor put me on reglan thrice a day........i was doing oka with the meds but he prescription is over for last two days and i just cant keep anything down not even water........hope it goes away soon.


Kim L - April 28

HI Perl: you poor thing - just like you, I'd have days where I'd think, "It's gone! Yippee!!!!" Only to have it come back even worse than before. I threw up every day from week 8 to week 16. Now at 17 weeks feeling much better. I notice that on most days I still get the urge to puke but it is much more controllable and usually only happens once a day. I hope it's over for you soon! Nothing worked for me - the doctor finally recommended ginger supplements (she said it is difficult to get enough real ginger in your diet by way of ginger snaps and ginger tea and ginger ale to make much of a difference. According to her, ginger root supplements help 2/3 women with morning sickness. Worth a shot!)


scarlett - April 29

I'm about 14 weeks along and still having morning sickness.


LollyM - April 29

I stopped getting it around the same time so it looks like the timing is about the same for you =) (im 26 weeks now) I have heard of it happening to some women throughout the WHOLE pregnancy which must be awful! (sorry you gals who are suffering it in the second trimester =( try ginger candy! it's supposed to help) Just remember, it is for a good cause, but nice if it goes away! I don't miss it, but now I have other problems like back pain and leg cramps =(



22 weeks and still have it!


new mommy - May 5

I am starting week 17 and still have it. My docotor said she hadn't hear of anyone throwing up after week 18. I dread the fact that I might prove her wrong. I want her to be right so badly.


mandee25 - May 6

Mine stopped at about 10 weeks like you Perl but all I had was nausea, not vomiting or anything and it wasn't severe but I am 12w 1d now and it's totally gone!!!


falafal0 - May 7

Didn't stop until about 22 weeks...yuckThen other things started up, my back, low blood pressure never stopped, and bad circulation. Lose some, gain some!


Leilani14 - May 8

I got sick at 5weeks, at 8 I started to throw up about once, or twice a week. I started to let go at about 15weeks, but still last week at 21 weeks I had two day episode.



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