When Do I Find Out

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Sprinkles - December 4

I have asked some people and a few told me 20 weeks - but now I seen online you can find out the s_x at 16weeks .. I wonder if anyone has found out already and at what point?


mama keya - December 4

You can find out at 16 weeks but most Doc schedule your Ultrasound apt at 20 weeks to check other things.


Faye84 - December 5

I think the earliest most docs will let you get your US at is 18 weeks. I waited until 22 weeks so they would have a clear view.


Rachel29 - December 5

When I went to my 12 week U/S, they told me that 16 weeks was the earliest they would be able to tell, but the longer you wait, the more accurate it is. I know that I'm dying to know! I have my next appointment Thursday, and we'll probably schedule another scan, so I hope to know soon!


Amyell428 - December 5

I found out at 15 weeks that I was having a boy. It was very obvious because he had his legs spread open. LOL. I am a high risk case so I have had atleast 5 ultrasounds. (at 6 weeks, 8, 12 weeks, 15 weeks, and 19 weeks). I asked at 15 weeks if they could tell the s_x and she said she would look. I saw it before she did. I am telling you, he is all boy. I asked her if she thought it was a boy also and she told me they do not like to tell you this early because they are sometimes wrong. My mom and Dh were with me and mom asked of that could be the cord. She said, NOOOO that is NOT the cord and then we all laughed. She finally said, if that is not a boy I would be very surprised. So again at my 19 week appointment, he is still a boy and it is definately confirmed. So, I with me I found out very early. If you are lucky enough to have an ultrasound around 15 to 20 weeks you might be able to found out. I think girls are harder to determine because they might be afraid that something might grow between the legs. LOL!


Amyell428 - December 5

HA HA HA! I just read my post and good lord at the typos. I am actually trying to help my students with their Christmas writings and type to you guys. Sorry about that.


Rainbowbrite - December 5

I found out at 18 weeks almost 19 weeks. You can find out a little earlier than i did but my doctore recommended waiting until closer to 20 weeks so we'd have more accuracy and more view of her! Yeah we found out it was a little girl!


Sprinkles - December 5

Amyell428 LOL that was a pretty funny post especially about the comment about the cord lol I really did LOL right at my desk hahaha I am considered high risk too -I had one at my 1st appointment which i think i was 9-10 weeks then i had my Ultrascreen just a week or so ago - I have a regular visit this next week coming up and then at that point they are scheduling something for a 16 week thing where they measure the cervix so I am a__suming that's an ultrasound too but I don't know - Then I have part two of the ultrascreen in january... So I am sure between one of those two I will get to find out - If i dont with the cervix one I will definatly bring my daughter along for part two of the ultrascreen cause I will be about 19 weeks and I would like her with me when i find out


Sprinkles - December 5

congratulations rainbowbrite - I am dying to see if my womanly intuition is right LOL I am thinking boy... we'll see!


fefer1 - December 5

Well, technically you can find out really early with certain tests, but with an u/s most doctors don't schedule them till you are closer to 20 weeks because they use average measurements to tell how your baby compares. If you are too much earlier/later it will throw things off. Usually it's 18-20 weeks around here. I can't go in till 20 weeks unless my dr calls the lab and gets permission. They were real snotty to me last time, I was just under 20 weeks when I wanted to schedule my appt becuause I was going out of the country at 20 weeks....my dr fixed it for me though. I know you can tell earlier or make good guesses though if you are lucky enough to get an u/s. Girls tend to be harder to figure out though because sometimes they can end up being boys. :)



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