When Do Other People Start To Feel The Baby Kick

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Jessica - April 6

i'm 20 weeks preg, and i've been feeling the baby for about 2 weeks.. and my husband still hasnt felt it.. and he's starting to well not get cranky.. but he wants to feel his son.. i think he's feeling a little left out with everything


chrissy - April 6

i am 19 weeks pregnant and i have been feeling the baby move since about 13 weeks and it is still not kicks it is just wiggling around...my husband is very anxious to feel it kick...I was told usually around 22-25 weeks it does some major kicking and the "dad" can finally feel the amazing kicks.


Titch - April 7

I'm 21 wks and I've been feeling strong kicks over the past week. Had flutterings at about 15 wks. Can't wait until my boyfriend can feel it too.


New_mom - April 7

I am 21 wks and my husband felt the baby kick a couple of days ago.


citrouille - April 7

I'm wondering if what I feel occasionally is the baby. It only happens if I'm sitting or lying down, but I feel a pop, like a bubble popping


New_mom - April 7

Hi citrouille, I really think that is the baby moving. I feel that alot and I asked my doctor and she said, yes that is the baby.


citrouille - April 7

I just don't know what to think.. my mother in law is a nurse and think that it is too early.. that makes me have second thoughts.. I'm at 15 weeks. Could I be confusing it with gas?


New_mom - April 7

I am not sure, but I was feeling that even at 15 wks. I have had friends that started feeling there baby then. I really think you are feeling the baby.


Jennifer - April 7

Hi Everyone.. My husband felt the baby kick for the first time at 22 weeks, he thought it was the coolest thing. As for you Citrouille, I would definately say that it the baby, everyone is different, so maybe your mother in law didn't feel her babies until later, but I started feeling it at around 13 weeks. I think if you are a smaller person, you will feel it sooner??? Not sure, but that is the way it seems to go with people that I know.


New_mom - April 7

I agree with you Jennifer. Citrouille, I think you are feeling your baby:)


citrouille - April 7

Thanks for your replies! I hope it really is my baby, I guess I'll know if the feeling gets stronger and if it happens more often!


New_mom - April 7

When are you due, citrouille?


citrouille - April 7

I'm due Sept 27th, so I'm 15 weeks now


New_mom - April 7

I am 21 wks, due Aug 16.


Kris - April 7

I'm almost 18 weeks and haven't felt a thing! Anyone out there like me??


barb - April 7

im 17 weeks pregant and have already felt mine for a cople weeks now but this makes number 5


Trish - April 8

I am 22 weeks and no one but me has felt this baby move, I looked in my journal from last pregnancy (3 yrs ago) and hubby felt him at 25 weeks pg.



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