When Do The Headaches Stop

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Taffy - June 10

I'm now 22 weeks and still getting bad headaches, some of which turn into migraines. From my reading I understand that they don't generally last all throughout pregnancy but I can't seen to get an idea of when they should get better. Does anyone know when I should expect to get some relief? I have tried tylenol (paracetamol, UK) but it doesn't give me much relief. These headaches are making it difficult to work as they can last 3 days at a time and I get at least one a week. Does anyone have any good news for me? Thanks.


lexy - June 11

i feel your pain, but i am only 15w but have had really bad headaches for the entire 1st trimester. they are starting to go away as long as i make sure i am eating enough. if i skip something i get one almost within two hours. the only thing i can suggest is making sure you are eating enough and drinking enough too. good luck.


Taffy - June 11

Thx Lexy. Not eating well is probably a contributing factor. Little one's head is just under my stomach at the moment and its very difficult to eat a full meal. I have also read somewhere that low blood pressure can cause headaches and mine keeps dropping. 3 weeks ago it was 104/68 when normally my BP is a little high around 130/80. Again I don't know if my BP is going to stay low right until the end but I hope not too low.


nicolelee - June 14

I am 19wks and have also been gettin headaches. Tried taking paracetamol but was totally useless. After my 14th wk, I started going for prenatal ma__sages once a wk and it has been great. Juz make sure that the ma__seur doesnt ma__sage your back too hard.


Newhoneybuns - June 14

I started having headaches about a week or so ago and they come every single day. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant. I hope they won't last until the end of the pregnancy. I'll ask my doctor for advice next time i go (july 4th). But hopefully they will go away before. I have a history of migraine so i'm taking Advil to relieve the pain from the headache.



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