When Do You Feel Kicks Not Flutters

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Leanne - January 15

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and still feel flutters and quivers. I love feeling him/her but when should I start feeling solid kicks??


rk - January 15

I was 24 weeks when I first felt a kick. Now at 32 weeks he's kicking me all the time!! Good luck!!


krista-lee - January 15

i started feeling hard notileable kicks around 19 weeks! i guess its different for everyone


bean - January 16

I'm 26 weeks and get both. I think the flutters are her moving around, changing positions, etc. I feel "flutters" almost all the time and real "kicks" rather rarely. I agree - it's different for every mom and every baby.


Tess - January 16

If its your 1st then its usually towards the end of your 23 wks/24 wks. Goodluck!


Ba8y6irl - January 16

i started feeling kicks like actually kicks at 18 or so weeks. I never really felt too many flutters, it was nothing to kicks.


Joanne - January 16

Kicks at around 24 weeks or so......


Kate - January 17

I was feeling very light, barely noticable flutters from 14 weeks. About a week ago I suddenly started feeling very strong kicks. I'm 23+4 now, and we can actually see my belly moving!


Julia - January 17

I'll be 22 weeks on Friday and have felt those kicks since early last week, so just over 20 weeks.


julia - January 18

hi im 26 weeks and yesterday noticed that the baby was not as lively as usual normaly he starts at about 11.00pm but yesterday nothing i think i felt it a little earlier but am a bit worried should i go get checked or do you think im just been parinoid


Lyd - January 18

I was at 18 weeks when I started feeling constant kicks and flutters. Now I am 23 weeks and it is much stronger!


Celine - January 18

I am 22 weeks today and last night was the first night that i can say it really felt like kicks and not just "flutters". Best part was that DH actually felt it too :)


Renee - January 18

I felt a good kick in my 17th week. It was sudden and unexpected of course, so I jumped out of my chair. I had my co-workers giggling.


Christy - January 19

To Julia. I am 25 weeks today. I sometimes have days where she is moving like crazy to where my belly is jumping. Some days the movement is not as powerful, she is kind of lazy. I think that it could be your baby is in a different position . If you are not feeling much at all I would call your doctor just to make sure they do not want to see you. I just thought I would let you know that I have the same think happen to me too.


Leanne - January 19

Thanks for the response ladies. Another question...what do kicks feel like??


Kaya - January 20

Flutters feel kind of like gas that never eventuates, if you know what I mean, and kicks feel kind of like when you are fishing and you get a nibble - like a kind of "tugging". I'm sure it changes again when you get later on (I'm 24 weeks) but that's how I'd describe it so far. Oh, or like when you get a twitch in another part of your body, like your leg, and it has that kind of contracting feeling at irregular intervals, but in your tummy. Hope that helps.



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