When Do You Normally Start Showing On First Baby

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sam76 - February 2

Hi ladies, im 14 weeks and not showing yet, is this normal i thought i would be showing by now, anybody else a late shower like me?x


newmomma32 - February 2

I didn't show alot either. I am 200 weeks now, and didn't gain weight until recently---and my baby's weight is a little bigger than the average at this point---so don't worry! just eat healthy!


DDT - February 2

I started showing at about 18 wks with my first baby. Keep in mind your uterus only starts to move above your pelvic bone after 14 wks. With my 2nd baby I would say I started showing at around 16wks. I gained more weight with my 1st already than I have with my 2nd. By 14wks I had gained about 8lbs and with my 2nd I had gained about 2lbs. Don't worry. you will start ballooning out very quickly and by the 3rd tri you will wish differently. Good luck!


newmomma32 - February 2

wooooops---200 weeks? yikes! 20 WEEKS!


gabby509 - February 2

Don't worry you'll start to show soon. I'm preggo with my first and I was really sick in the first tri and actually lost 12 pounds. Now I'm still 4 pounds less than my pre-pregnacy weight and I'm 22 weeks. I've finally started to round out and definitely have a baby belly now. Before it just looked like I had a muffin top hanging over the top of my jeans ( which in my opinion was definitely not attractive ). And like new momma said, even though you don't gain weight, if you are taking proper care of yourself your baby will most likely weight right on track. My little boy in there is actually 2 weeks ahead of schedule and like I said before I'm not even back to my pre-preggo weight yet.


ChattyKathy - February 2

Actually, the baby can move above the pelvic bone around 10 weeks. I know by 12 weeks mine was definitely above that line. I had a friend who didn't ever look pregnant until she hit the third trimester, though. It all depends on your body type and how you carry. You can't compare yourselves to others.


DDT - February 2

Sorry, I didn't mean to possibly give mis-leading info. That is simply the info given to me by my doctor. I thought the uterus didn't completely move above the pelvic bone until 14 wks. My doc was hesitant to listen to a h/b for that very reason. But hey! I never questioned him further about it so I could very well be wrong.


sarah21 - February 2

I started showing at about 12 weeks but only to myself-- I could see that my uterus had popped up above my pelvis and made my lower belly pooch out. I didn't start showing to where people could really tell I was pregnant until after 22 weeks but it really varies. If you want to look at a lot of different belly pictures, check out i-am-pregnant.com (with dashes or else you get a nasty site) and go to their photo gallery. It is amazing how belly sizes vary. I am 33 weeks now and a lot smaller than a lot of women.


Cat24 - February 8

Im 17 weeks now and i had barely nothing but a flat tummy up till now! i was telling people i was pregnant and i didnt look it at all. then suddenly just before 17 weeks its like my bump grew overnight and i have a small but neat little bump at the moment which i love! i dont really like that stage though where you are pregnant but you dont look it or even feel it.


Ella82 - February 8

I started to feel big to myself around 20 weeks it just looked like i was putting on weight . It wasnt until i was in my 3rd trimester when i looked pregnant to everyone else. I always thought id show early because of my slim shape but i was the opposite everyone is different.



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