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ThePezChick - April 7

I'm 15 weeks along and am on the verge of outgrowing my "big" clothes. Do I go ahead and buy the next size up or go into maternity clothes? I hate to keep spending money on new clothes, as I've already purchased some bigger regular-sized clothes once. When did you guys start with maternity clothing?


Deb - April 7

I don't know exactly when (maybe around 16 - 18 weeks), but I got to the point where I didn't like snaps and zippers near my belly. I prefered maternity pants that have the large elastic waistband that goes under the belly. I probably didn't need to be in maternity clothes that early, but they felt much more comfortable.


EricaG - April 7

Well, I'm still in my regular clothes at 22 weeks. First of all because I lost 15 lbs in the first trimester and second because I always wore my jeans loose anyway. I already have a lot of cute summer maternity tops that I don't wear yet because it's cold, but I'll have to go shopping for maternity pants probably when I'm about 25- 26 weeks. That may change if I start gaining weight, but so far I haven't. In my opinion you have a long way to grown, so I would go to consignment shops and get a couple pairs of pants/jeans and tops that will last you a while because you're going to probably need bigger ones in a couples of months. That's way to go if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Some maternity clothing that you buy now, won't last you the rest of your pregnancy, you'll probably have to go a size up in the maternity clothes towards the last couple months of your pregnancy.


amanda103 - April 7

I'm almost 18 weeks and I bought my first maternity clothes last week. My girlfriend, who is also pg, started buying them at week 13 (this is her 1st). I think everybody is going to differ somewhat. I used the Bella Band until my zipper wouldn't even make it half way up! lol. If you don't want to get maternity things yet, maybe just try to buy things with elastic so you'll get longer use out of them.


yourtrish - April 7

I went into mat clothes at 12 weeks because I was so bloated. Honestly, at least invest in a couple of pairs of pants. You'd be amazed at how much more comfortable you will feel. I was repulsed by the idea, but once I tried them on, there was no going back! I still wear my normal shirts, but the pants make suuuuch a difference in comfort!


Ca__sie06 - April 7

I am almost 23 weeks and wore my first maternity outfit today!! I can still fit into my regular jeans but they just arent comfortbale anymore. It was funny though, because everyone was like "Oh, you are starting to look pregnant!" I told them "Nope, its just the clothes!!" :)


livdea - April 7

I'm wearing larger shirts and pants. Im having a hard time finding pants that fit right so I've been bummed about that. I'm 27 weeks and still kinda wearing my regular tops but my belly hangs out of the bottom!!! My normal jeans didn't fit at 25.5 weeks so now like I said, I'm buyin a couple of sizes up since I'm having a hard time with maternity pants.


Twinmom2be - April 7

I never bought "bigger" size clothes I just went straight to maternity wear. I starting wearing maternity clothes at 8 weeks. I am 15 weeks now and I can still fit into some of my dress pants that are low fit. I have just found that maternity clothes are so much more comfortable!


SuzieQ - April 7

I bought my first pair of mat pants at 12 weeks - more of a celebration than anything :) But they are so comfortable! I can still wear my low rise jeansthat are stretchy. I need shirts, mostly because I can't stand having any bare skins showing on my back or belly, and my shirts are all starting to get tight.


SLP - April 7

I'm 14 weeks and I am sitting here in my too-large maternity clothes wondering, "Do I look like a moron?" This is the first outfit I've bought for everyday wear. I have one I wear to work mainly because I needed new clothes and I didn't want to spend money on reg. clothes. I'm afraid I just look like a girl in huge clothes, but I really don't care. They're so much more comfy! I *love* the Old Navy selections.


Chrissythefairy - April 7

well im odd shaped, i were a small in shirts i recently purchased a few med shirts the only problem is the b___st (mine are huge) so i have to turn some of the tanks into halter to cover my brest more, as far as jeans if u can still fit them then fine but if you are bigger but not that big i sudjest low rider jeans because they stop at the beginning of your stomach, those are good for me because i have small legs so i still need small size jeans.


Erynn21 - April 7

I got my maternity stuff a few weeks ago@ about 16 wks. at first my pants fell down in back, but they also need to be washed and they shrank up now they feel great. Comfort is key, and I do keep purchasing a few things here and there. I agree with SLP old navy stuff is awesome, I'm sitting here in a complete old navy outfit. The low rise boot cut jeans are the best.


bloodlust - April 7

I've just been buying bigger sizes because I disappear in maternity clothing. But I feel like I'm wasting my money because now I'm starting to outgrow some of them lol. I dunno..I can still fit into some of my pants doing the rubber band trick but that will only last for about another three weeks or so. Maybe not even that (I'm 22 weeks)


ThePezChick - April 8

Oops, put this in the wrong thread earlier... Well, I broke down and bought maternity clothes. I didn't want to spend the money to go up to another regular-size set of clothes that would fit my belly, but not my hips or b___t. I went to Old Navy and was excited to see they carry low-rise maternity clothes. I can wear them now and as I grow. They also don't look like maternity clothes per se. Well, 2 of the pairs of jeans have that pregnant elastic top, but they hang low on the belly and are easy to cover with shirts. If anyone's interested, they're having a "2 for" sale. I got 2 tank tops for $15 and 2 t-shirts for $18. They also have a sale on most of their pants (around $29.50 or so) and skirts, which I don't wear. Anyone, thanks for the input. Now I'm actually more excited about having to wear maternity wear since I know it's not all prints and bows!


krc - April 8

hmmm...lemme see, when my regular clothes didn't fit anymore? ( duh ) . I am 23 weeks and of all the pants/jeans I own only 2 " fit " me. I bought 1 matrnity shirt and was given a few others. I can still wear my normal shirts but they slide up real high around my waist so I wear them around the house. I dont think I would look good at work with my belly hanging out. And I always thought that when I got pregnant I'd be a stylish mom wanting cute, tight shirts to show off my belly but I find I feel much better in loose, baggy-like shirts. There's no point in buying clothes another size up. Your not gaining weight but your growing a belly meaning even the next size up wnt fit right. You need something to stretch with your belly, something that isn't tight or puts alot of pressure.


RoseM - June 27

I got some maternity clothes 17 weeks in. Found some great stuff from Seraphine, really met my needs and are soo fashionable. I specifically adore their dresses especially for summer and for work. 



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