When Does Other People Feel The Baby Move

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melody - February 16

I'm 22 weeks and i've been feeling the baby move since i was 12 weeks.My husband and kids put their hand on my belly and don't feel a thing yet! when will they feel the baby move???


Hannah - February 16

I'm 19 weeks and still haven't felt my baby move - barely even a flutter! I'm hoping I will soon though as I'll be getting worried! This is my first pregnancy though so maybe that's why it takes time.


k - February 16

I'm also 19 weeks and haven't felt anything yet. Well, I might have, but I always a__sume it's just wind or hunger!!!!!!! How can you tell the difference?


K - February 16

I'm not sure whether I'd be able to distinguish between feeling a flutter from my baby or my stomach rumbling. Guess we'll have to wait till it starts to kick in a few weeks time!


claire - February 16

Hello to all of you, I'm 22 weeks now, and let me tell you you will know when its a flutter, concentrate you'll know if it is one or your stomach rumbling :-) It's diff by e/body though, by me it started around 16 weeks, and only now at 22 weeks my husband can feel it when he puts his hand on my belly ! enjoy!


Anne - February 16

I'm also 22 weeks. My husband just felt the baby move 2 days ago. He hasn't felt it with his hand. For some reason the baby stops moving when my husband places his hand on my belly. However, when he gently put his cheek on my belly, he got a little kick! Maybe that will work for you!


BBK - February 16

I hear in most cases it's around the 18th week. My wife just started her 18th week and not felt anything yet, though the ultrasound a couple of days ago showed the baby moving, kicking and even thump sucking, but ever so gently. I'm thinking the baby too gentle with all her movement, while other babies maybe more active and make their presense known early.


sam - February 23

im 19 weeks pregenent aswel i havent felt my baby move aswel its my first baby i think its because we havent been pregnent before and we cant notice any thing its worring though


Melissa - March 7

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and have only felt little nudges. My husband has not felt him yet.... I hope he does soon!


lidia - March 7

i am 20 weeks and i could feel the baby kick a lot know not where i could see the movements or anybody else could but i cant wait untill my hole belly b___s up and i see it and feel it very strong


Kelly - March 8

18 weeks and haven't felt anything yet, but can't wait, hope it's soon!


autum - March 8

with my son i felt his movements around the 18th week, noones else could feel them till sometime in the 23th week and on, however before people felt it, if i would lie down on my back, people could see my stomach move in waves, it was so neat, try that.


Savannah - March 11

I am 22 weeks and have been feeling my baby move for a few weeks now. I am on my 3rd child, and felt him move at 16 weeks. My husband felt him on Valentines Day. I try to get my kids to feel him, but by the time they get there, he is done..he he. You all will DEFINATLY know when he kicks. I can feel him kick, roll over, and what ever else he likes to do. My ultrasound at 15 weeks showed him kicking and sucking his thumb. When your baby starts, they wont stop :)


Savannah - March 11

I am 22 weeks and have felt my baby move since 16 weeks. My hubby felt him move for the first time on Valentines day. With my babys strength, letting out a nice hard kick for my hubby was a nice gift. I sometimes see my stomach "do the wave" also. If you havent felt him move yet, be patient. If you see a dr. on a regular basis, and he isnt concerened, i wouldnt worry much. But even this being my 3rd child, i was a bit concerened for a while as well.. Good luck to all you expecting mommys out there! :)


crystal - March 11

i will be 19 weeks in 2 days and still have not felt my baby move but i take a u/s mon and hopefully everything is o/k


HW - March 11

I felt the baby flutter a little around 16 weeks, now at 22 weeks I feel distinct kicks - strong enough to keep me up at night!


melody - March 18

thanks everyone im 26weeks now and my husband and kids can feel the baby now. it feels good that i can share my pregnancy. good luck everyone!



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