When Does The 6th Month Start

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Emy - October 16

Ladies, I am so sorry I confused you all by posting this...I don't know what I was thinking - of course there is no definitive answer since we really should go by weeks. I am just happy to be 22 weeks and leave it at that..lol...Happy pregnancies to all of you and thanks for everyone who took the time to address this. Hopefully, it was as helpful to someone else as it was to me.


Angela - October 17

Emy - there are more than 4 weeks in a month. Most months have 30 or 31 days and 4 weeks is 28 days. Therefore over the course of 4 to 5 months you end up with a couple extra weeks. So, sadly, I think you are the "slower one" :)


Emy - October 17

I DO feel slow....but pregnancy-wise not intelligence wise...lol...


Marta - November 1

25 week-which month?


Jess - November 1

I just go by what the doctor goes by, every 4 weeks is aprox a month. So I would say 24 weeks puts you into the 6 month mark.


ry - November 1

Month 1 (1-4 weeks), Month 2 (5-8 weeks), month 3 (9-13 weeks) month 4 (14-17 weeks), month 5 (18-22 weeks), month 6 (23-27 weeks), month 7 (28-31 weeks), month 8 (32-35 weeks), month 9 (36-40 weeks).


Jessica - November 1

I am going by what my doctor says not by what you ladies keep trying to tell people just because "what to expect when your expecting" says. I am 19 weeks pregnant and my DOCTOR says I will be 5 months next week when I am 20 weeks pregnant. So that is what I am going by.


ok then - November 1

good for you. thanks for sharing that with us


Jessica - November 1

No problem. Anytime


hee hee - November 2

wow, hormones raging. You know what, it does not really matter! If people ask you, either tell them how many weeks, "approx xxxx months" or just say, I am due in xxxxx.


To Emy - November 2

6 mos = 24 wks, if you are 22 wks now you're only 5 mos and 2 wks pregnant.


cory - November 2

you know what - say what you want. none of you are 100% correct. it is an estimate. besides there are often more or less than 4 "perfect" weeks in a month so that does not make sense either. You are pregnant for a FULL NINE MONTHS!!!! Besides i think it sounds better to say i am in my 5th month rather than to say "oh i am 4months and 2 weeks" but hey suit yourself!



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