When Does The Baby Start To Move So You Can Feel It

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Rachel29 - November 28

I'm just wondering when you guys started to feel your little guy or girl (or both for twins!) moving around. I'm just 13 weeks (as you might remember from my last post), and I could have sworn I felt just a little flutter. Maybe I'm crazy, and it's probably not the baby, as I've read that it's too early at this point but thought I'd ask. Thanks!


cynthia502 - November 28

Hey Rachel - you could have felt a flutter at this point....especially if this is your 2nd (or more). If it's your first usually you don't start until 16-18 weeks or more. I think with my first pregnancy it was right around 18ish weeks. This now is my 4th (twins) and I started feeling them at about 14 weeks - not consistent, but every now and again. With #2 and #3, I would say I started feeling them at about 14-16 weeks as well. As the next few weeks progress, you should start feeling your little one more and more. I am 20 weeks now and my flutters are constant and more vigorous!!! Good luck to you!


ROBYN - November 28

I started feeling little pokes around 15 weeks i am 26 weeks now.


My1stBaby - November 28

I started around 13 to 14 weeks, this is my first. I think it all depends on your body and baby. Im sure thats what your feeling. It feels like little pokes or jabs. I am now 23 weeks :-)


ash2 - November 28

Im wondering this too. Im 15 weeks, and i dont remember how far along i was when i felt the first 2 move ( i will have to check their baby books ) ....but i swear i have felt little flutters !


xvkx - November 28

A lot of times women feel a flutter this early and they mistake it for being something else... that's why they say most women won't recognize movement that early unless they've been pregnant before. It is very likely though that that was what you felt... I would say it's best though to wait until you know for sure. I was feeling flutters for a while (probably around 12-13 weeks) and then finally got lucky enough in week 15 to have the baby literally kick me awake one night, lol.


Whisper - November 29

This is my 2nd pregnancy technically - but really my first in this sense because my first ended at 7 weeks - so I never got to the point of flutters in my first. This pregnancy, I started feeling flutters at 13 weeks. I'm very in tune with my body though, and I understand that not everyone feels things this early the first time around... but it IS certainly possible. I know what I felt, and still feel =), and you probably did too!


Nervousmommy2b - November 29

Hey Rachel- I'm sure that is probably what you are feeling. It's pretty cool huh? I started feeling the baby at around 15 weeks. To me it felt like someone took a paintbrush the the inside of my stomach. I am now 19 weeks and I feel her forsure. She loves to wake me up in the middle of the night...I love it. Good luck with everything!


lea1 - November 29

hey i was wondering the sam e thing too, my first pregnancy was twins , im 13 weeks today and laid in bed last night thought i felt something, like clicking, but i wasnt sure! was it our baby?


Faye84 - November 29

Its different for everyone, usually first time moms dont feel it until 18-20 weeks. I felt my daughter move when I was 18 weeks.



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