When Does The Third Trimester Start

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Adria - June 9

i have heard 27 weeks but I thought it was 28 weeks? If anyone knows can you let me know I'm at 27 weeks now.


Eryn - June 9

In my book,"What to Expect When Expecting" It says that the third trimester starts at 28 weeks. :)


jennifer - June 10

I have heard both. I think it's according to how you date your pregnancy. I'ts all very confusing to me.


Mary - June 10

Eryn is right. Also Adria if you dont have this book please get it. It is very informative. It is the pregnant womens bible. I'm in my 5th month now EDD is November 15th. Good luck everyone. And keep :-)


Lissi - June 10

I think it's 28 weeks. I'll be there myself in a few days. Eek! Running out of time!


Mary to Mary - June 10

Mary, i am due on Oct 27 and I started my 20th week today - this my 5th month, or so I thought. you are due 2 weeks after me and you are on the 5th month as well? When does the 5th month start? I thought it was on week 20 .... I am so confused! Help!


** - June 10

Mary is not in her 5th month if she is due Nov 15th. She has 22 or 23 weeks left. Sorry Marry you are only in your 4th month


Lissi - June 11

I just read a book that says the third trimester starts at 26 weeks! Now I'm confused. :-I


Jbear - June 12

I've seen a bunch of different things about when the 3rd trimester starts. I couldn't decide which one to believe, so I decided I would be in my third trimester when I was finished with my 6th month.


Mary - June 12

According to the book- "What to expect when you're expecting" here are the weeks of the months starting with the 4th month. 4th -14-17 weeks. 5th-18-22 weeks. 6th -23-27 weeks. 7th-28-31 weeks. 8th - 32-35 weeks. 9th 36-40 weeks. Therefore ** I am in my 5th month, not the 4th.


Mary - June 12

Here are the trimesters. first 13 weeks is the first. 14-27 is the second. 28-delivery is the third. I dont mean to sound like a know it all, but its simply by reading. I said it earlier that if you dont have this book please do get it, it explains everything. Keep :-)


Mary to Mary - June 12

So indeed you are in your 4th month not 5th, right?


to mary about Mary - June 12

Mary id dur 11/15 which means she is in her fifth month. she has completed her fourth month already. the fifth month are weeks 18-22. She is in her 18th week. therefore she is at the start of her fifth month this week-I know all these weeks are confusing.


Mary - June 12

thank You


to mary - June 12

I am due 11/10-and also in my fifth month-. The months and weeks are so confusing because they all differ. I agree that the book what to expect when you're expecting helps explain a lot! Good luck


Mary - June 12

I have that book and based on the same I just started my 5th month, at 20 weeks from lmp and 18 weeks from conception - you are in yuor fourth month and you are reading the book wrong or you are counting the weeks wrong. Sorry.


Mary - June 12

BTW this is Mary's with a due date of 10/27. And mary you are counting wrong your months - 18 to 22 is month 5 from conception not LMP!



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