When Does Your Baby Kick Most

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krista-lee - February 15

i thought this would be a neat little question =) i was curious when your baby is most active? For me its mostly at night when im TRYING to sleep, but she just wont let me. Another funny thing is that when i eat pizza, she kicks alot, i thought it was cute! So any other mothers out there whos babies are giving you a hard time?


Danielle - February 15

my little guy is always real busy at like 6-8 at night when i watching t.v , i thinks its funny too aplle jucie always gets him going to hes pretty busy when im trying to sleep but doesn't keep me up yet lol


livdea - February 15

it seems like all the freaking time for me! I love it though...I keep myself awake at night waiting to feel the next kick! But I really feel 'em whenever I'm laying on my back, little thing goes nuts any time of day!


Eva - February 15

My baby always kicks after I eat anything. It could be anything from a full meal to a small snack to get my baby going. But, I noticed if I touch or rub my stomach, the kicking stops. And because of this my husband hasn't been able to get a feel of it yet :( Does this happen to anyone else?


Ashley - February 15

My little guy moves around all day long! But he is most active after I eat and at night time (mostly when I'm trying to sleep! of course!!) But I love it! Its so amazing to feel him move. I'm just waiting on when his daddy gets to feel it too!


livdea - February 15

Eva it took my mom a whole week to feel the baby, every time I'd say come! The baby's moving she would run over and to no avail not feel a dang thing...and my baby moves A LOT! Finally she felt it and loves it!


^lucy^ - February 16

my baby girl moves all the time but she gives me the hardest kicks when i go to bed and try to sleep :P and also when i drink lemon juice


To Eva - February 16

Me too! I think she knows when someone is trying to feel and just decides to be stubborn. Or more realistically she feels the pressure of the hand and stops.


Emily - February 16

My littel one is always active in the evening when I start to unwind. I can feel her when I go to bed, but nothing to keep me up yet. I also notice she moves alot when I eat.....



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